Chelsea Pearl Travel Hack Experts Discuss Top Travel Tips

Travel Experts Jeff J Hunter and Chelsea Pearl share a passion for traveling. Chelsea, Bay Area Native, is a travel vlogger who shows her viewers how to live large in accessible ways.

Use Technology to your advantage

2 Must Have APPS

YELP- Chelsea relies on the the local search feature combined with suggestions, ratings and customer reviews to find the best local restaurants and activities.

Instagram- Use IG searching by #, business and location to find #travelphotogoal locations and all the iconic spots you’ve been pinteresting for years.


What you need to take:

As a lot of us still are, Jeff and Chelsea often work while they are travelling.

Have a remote office Backup Plan– Jeff brings his laptop and a backup tablet so that he doesn’t lose touch while trying to work from the road.

The ABC Rule- Chelsea lives by this- Always Be Charging. Take advantage of compact portable batteries and charging stations in airports and train stations.


You don’t have to drain your cell phone data plan

Get a portable wifi device- research the best options for where you are headed, Chelsea prefers a MiFi Device while Jeff has been using Google Project F for 7 months.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to bring yours to the country you’re heading to but you can always buy them there. Places like the Philippines allow you to buy a week’s worth of data at a time. Doing your research on your internet options ahead of time is important when you plan to run your business from the road. .


Business Hack Bonus:

Using the power of social media opens up different experiences. Recently stayed at  Hotel Icon which is a luxury hotel with a green philosophy. The even host a fleet of Teslas used to transport their guests! Chelsea tagged the hotel in her posts and the hotel caught wind. They introduced her to some really great experiences. In return, she was able to help them get running on Yelp by sharing her experiences.


How did Chelsea become a travel influencer?

Chelsea prioritized her desire to travel and cut out frivolous spending to build a travel fund. She spent time researching experiences that gave her the most value for her money, and documented her research and trips on her existing lifestyle blog.

Travel Hack Discussion:

1) Have a Plan
2) We have Technology on our side, tons of apps, and ways to make traveling easy!
3) MUST HAVES when we travel – Laptop & More
4) ALWAYS BE CHARGING: External battery packs, digital redundancy, Extra SD Cards, Camera
5) MiFI
6) Travel Apps
7) Must-GO Places: Hotel ICON – Luxury hotel with Green Philosophy and TESLAS!!
8) How to experience other cultures and appreciation as Americans
9) I need to travel more, and stop spending money on fickle things
10) Inspire people that are going through life without actually LIVING life.
11) It’s ALL about the experience
12) Traveling and Working Remote
13) Set up the TOOLS
15) How to get UPGRADED for FREE
17) Making the JUMP or Having a 9-5
18) Side-Hustles
19) Everything happens for a reason
20) Be financially SMART
21) Don’t do anything IRREVERSIBLE?
22) Jump into the ball pin, not off a cliff
23) Don’t be afraid to push the envelop or be outside of the mold

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