About Jeff J Hunter.

Driving 10x Productivity for Leaders with AI and Virtual Assistants 🤖👩‍💻

Jeff J. Hunter is an author best known for VA Staffer, a team Virtual Assistant staffing agency. Leveraging the power of Virtual Teams and AI, he empowers entrepreneurs and startups to build, scale, and dominate their brand categories.

Jeff is the creator of the AI Persona Method, a method to leverage AI to create "human-like" AI Personas to perform a variety of roles in companies from marketing, copywriting, consulting and more. He's created one of the first AI Consulting Certification programs on the planet for leaders to help businesses integrate and leverage AI technology.

He also creates solid, recognizable, legacy driven personal brands for legitimate companies and influencers. Jeff is a futurist with a deep rooted passion for technology and gaming.

He's the host of the "Savage Marketer Podcast" and the author of the "Zero to Hero Crypto Guide" and the groundbreaking "AI Consulting Blueprint", both available on Amazon. 

Jeff's expertise lies in transforming business landscapes through innovative strategies and the smart use of AI and remote teams.



Learn how to create "Human-Like" AI Personas to take over several roles in your company like Marketing, Copywriting, Email Newsletters and more!





We help scale your business with pre-vetted, trained and high-caliber virtual assistants from the Philippines already trained how to use AI.

We help scale your business with pre-vetted, trained and high-caliber virtual assistants from the Philippines already trained how to use AI.



Jeff J Hunter and Trisha Leconte build personal brands for successful business owners to become recognized experts in their industries.  They help Founders & CEOs Leverage their brand to build authority, demand premium prices, and create a legacy.


Jeff works with Web 3 builders to evolve to an ownership based society that thrives. The future of digital collectibles are evolving from more than just an expensive JPG into revenue generating play-to-earn assets.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Have a thriving business and can't seem to keep up?

I supercharge high-performers with Virtual Assistants & Artificial Intelligence so that they can get more done every day --  and still have time for themselves!

Because in a time where everyone is overworked and burning themselves out, people often wonder how highly productive people still get things done…

(HINT: It’s not by doing everything themselves)

And if you’re like most business owners, you’re probably working anywhere from 50-75 hours a week…while STILL finding yourself behind on emails and endless tasks that you hate.

Instead, why not refocus your attention to working ON your business instead of IN it?

Because let’s face it, you could accomplish more if you weren’t busy being your own secretary and social media manager...

You could be spending more time with your family…

Or you could be spending more time focusing on work you truly enjoy doing…

Whatever it is, you can better utilize your time by handing over the stuff that you don’t want to do… to a reliable AI-Powered Executive Assistant that actually loves to do it.

At VA Staffer, we’ve finally harnessed the true potential of Executive Assistants and Artificial Intelligence - with over 250+ concurrent leaders we serve all over the world.

We’ve figured out what methods and strategies work best for high-performing leaders like you, and it’s become a seamless process to give people a renewed sense of time and freedom.

So if you find yourself working alone, buried in the day-to-day of your business…

Or if you aren’t fully utilizing A.I. or the systems that you’ve already put in place…

Why not increase the time you spend on moving the money needle while your virtual assistant handles the rest (email marketing, social media management, lead generation, etc.)?

You might feel a bit guilty at first - handing over the work you’re used to doing yourself, but remember…

The secret of highly productive people is that they don’t do everything themselves.

So think carefully about how you spend your most valuable asset… your time…

Because if you find yourself drowning in work and feel like you can’t keep up, then it’s time to start removing the biggest roadblock in your business.


To Freedom,
Jeff J Hunter 


Check out some videos, articles, and interviews that Jeff and Trisha have done to educate their audience on the importance of personal branding.

They appear in several publications and are faculty of DigitalMarketer, a premier online community for digital marketing professionals.

Jeff J Hunter joins Bay Area Focus Host Michelle Griego to discuss some travel hacks! How to keep sane while

Jeff J Hunter (owner of VA Staffer) recently partnered up with Trisha Leconte to run BrandedMedia. Trisha’s personal branding agency

Today’s guest on the show is Jeff J. Hunter, founder and Chief Freedom Officer at VA Staffer, the outsourcing agency

What people say about me.

If you're looking to build your brand, look no further than Jeff J Hunter. He's the man! It's been fun watching Jeff's journey and watching him grow his own personal brand. I've been happy to be a part of it and lucky to know Jeff. I appreciate his wisdom and more importantly, his friendship. This entrepreneur journey can be lonely sometimes but being able to share the journey with people like Jeff make it all worthwhile and so much fun! I can't recommend Jeff enough and don't have the space to say enough about him.

Ashley Glenn

 Founder & CEO: Ash Marketing

I’ve had the honor of working with Jeff and his amazing team in multiple locations and countries. Jeff never misses a detail– a sign of someone who truly cares.

He is one of the most decent, intelligent human beings I know. A lot of people make promises– this guy comes through and delivers.

Dennis Yu

CEO: BlitzMetrics

Meeting Jeff J Hunter and becoming one of his clients has changed my life! My mind has expanded on what’s possible and all of those ideas rambling around inside my head have been turned into websites, lead gen programs and sales and marketing automated systems.

Most importantly he is a generous incredible human being and friend.

Michelle Skaff

Life Architect | Nutrigenomics

Want to become an in-demand AI Consultant?

AI Consulting Blueprint

With the help of "The AI Consulting Blueprint", you'll have:

  • A simple 9-step guide (less than 1-hour read)
  • A clear understanding of who you are as an AI Consultant
  • How to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • A marketing plan to attract clients from your audience


Zero to Hero Crypto Guide


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Crypto Gaming & The Metaverse