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Jeff J Hunter builds personal brands for accomplished CEO’s & Founders who are ready to leverage their business achievements to become influencers in their category.

Creator of the CORE Branding Method and Founder of BrandedMedia.io which is a 50+ team Branding Agency.

Featured on Influencive, Forbes, Inc, ABC & CBS.



  • Why is a personal brand important?

    (90 seconds)

  • Does a business owner need a personal brand?

    (90 seconds)

  • How do you manage a team on the other side of the world?

    (60 seconds)

  • How do you build a raving fan base on social media?

    (120 seconds)

  • Is a remote workforce productive without being in an office?

    (90 seconds)

  • How can you keep control of projects when your team are virtual?

    (60 seconds)

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?

    (90 seconds)

  • What is the fastest way for someone to build their "Personal Brand"?

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Recent Appearances

ClickFunnels Official Podcast:
How To Build Your Business Without All of the Overhead

Dave Woodward

Why Dave Decided to talk to Jeff:

Jeff left a Fortune 100 company to run his own business because of his skillset. He is one of the nations top project managers. Learn his three steps to hiring and managing virtual teams and the software resources he prefers to use.

“You can hire anyone in the world with amazing skill sets and not be bound by the people in your local vicinity.”

“How much is your time worth before you pay someone else to do this for you?”

Dave Woodward, Clickfunnels

Jason Swenk: How to Get UNSTUCK From Doing Everything Yourself

Jason Swenk

Today’s guest on the show is Jeff J. Hunter, founder and Chief Freedom Officer at VA Staffer, the outsourcing agency he created to help businesses build virtual teams. With a background in IT and virtual project management he knows the ins and outs of getting projects done virtually. He’s here to give us strategies on saving time and ways to help salespeople be more effective.

Jason Swenk, Smart Agency Masterclass

CBS San Francisco - Bay Area Focus: Travel Hack Expert Tips

Jeff J Hunter joins Bay Area Focus Host Michelle Griego to discuss some travel hacks! How to keep sane while travel, the hottest gadget, and some good old fashioned road tripping!


  • Project Management

    Jeff J Hunter is a 10 Year IT Project Management Veteran for both Public and Private Sector and managed hundreds of teams, and thousands of virtual projects. He was a Top 5 Project Manager for Philips Nationwide 2013 and 2014.

  • Virtual Assistants / Virtual Teams

    With over 50 Team members worldwide, Jeff has extensive knowledge of hiring, building, growing, hiring and scaling virtual teams. He has a deep-rooted passion for creating opportunities, and solving poverty one job at a time.

  • Startup / Entrepreneurs / Online Business

    With HUNDREDS of clients worldwide in over 17 countries Jeff J Hunter has helped launch thousands of products through successful virtual teams.

  • Travel Hacker Expert

    With over 500,000 KM and climbing, Jeff shares his methods to travel the world, explore amazing destinations, and do it on a budget (or even get someone else to pay for it!)

  • Delegation & The Virtual CEO

    Building systems is the ONLY way to true freedom in business. If you do not become an amazing Virtual CEO to delegate effectively – you WILL be stuck doing everything yourself.

  • Productivity & Entrepreneurial Focus

    The core of Jeff J Hunter’s 9010 LIFE philosophy is that we need to live life “in-flow”. This means being focused and productive on the activities that produce the biggest results. He can share his tips on staying focused, productive, and living your purpose.

  • Social Media

    Jeff J Hunter has worked with some of the biggest names in Social Media, like Liz Benny, Virginia Salas Kastillio, and Diana Mae Fernandez to delegate and automate their businesses!

  • The "Gig" Econony

    We live in a world where you can THRIVE anywhere doing darn near ANYTHING. Jeff J Hunter loves to talk about the Laptop Lifestyle, and how technology enables profitability.

Jeff J Hunter on Social Media

EcommCon | Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter featured speaker at the EcommCon to discuss the best practices to use a virtual assistant for Ecommerce

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Posted by Home Of The Hustle on Wednesday, May 24, 2017