Who the heck is

Jeff J Hunter?

As the Founder of VA Staffer, a Virtual Assistant company, Jeff builds virtual teams for businesses around the world.

He has a passion for Marketing & Branding...

But his real pleasure is making kids cry in his gaming chair when the kids go to bed at night.

As an avid gamer, he created the "Crypto Gaming Team" where he works with game developers on the future of Gaming.

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the savage gaming rig

49" AOC Super Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
It's a 120Hz 5120x1440 Resolution

Gaming PC:
CPU = Ryzen 9 3950x
GPU = RTX 2080 Ti 11 Gig
STORAGE: Dual 1TB PCIe NVM.e M.2 Drives
Corsair 680 Crystal Series Tower
Corsair Gaming Mouse & Keyboard


Jeff J Hunter  

Savage Marketer & Social Media 

Jeff J Hunter | Savage Marketer

how I became "tikTok Famous"

There are so many opportunities on emerging platforms if you have a Savage Marketing mindset.

Take a peek at this viral video with over 15 MILLION views. It was the most viral video on TikTok for 2 days and featured by popular media outlets and social channels for weeks!

Key Metrics:

Over 20 Million Views

2+ Million Likes

Over 18,000 Comments

147,000+ shares off the platform

Re-Shared and Reposted by Huge influencers

Engagement from Big-Name Brands like SteelSeries, Sour Patch Kids, and various celebrities and influencers.

Jeff J Hunter Viral Gaming Chair

"TikTok Famous"  

Jeff J Hunter | Maximizing Reach on TikTok

TikTok Viral Video
Jeff J Hunter Viral Tiktok


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about jeff J hunter:


Social Media

Jeff J Hunter has worked with some of the biggest brands to create a vibrant social media presence through the power of storytelling, stunning graphics, and captivating video!


Personal Branding

Jeff has worked with the heads of Fortune 500 companies to build solid, recognizable brands in multiple industries. He’s also spoken on several networks and events about the power of a Personal Brand in the digital age.


Virtual Assistants / Virtual Teams

With over 50 Team members worldwide, Jeff has extensive knowledge of hiring, building, growing, hiring and scaling virtual teams. He has a deep-rooted passion for creating opportunities, and solving poverty one job at a time.


Copywriting & Storytelling

Everyone has a story, but not many are good at telling it. Jeff has a passion for copywriting and storytelling to captivate an audience. He’s also obsessed with social media algorithms and human psychological triggers to get massive engagement.


Startup / Entrepreneurs / Online Business

With HUNDREDS of clients worldwide in over 17 countries Jeff J Hunter has helped launch thousands of products through successful virtual teams.


The "Gig" Econony

The world has changed forever. The opportunities in the new "gig economy" really provide for economic prosperity around the world. If you have the internet and a smart phone, you can earn in today's world!


Travel Hacker Expert

With over 500,000 KM and climbing, Jeff shares his methods to travel the world, explore amazing destinations, and do it on a budget (or even get someone else to pay for it!)


Project Management

Jeff J Hunter is a 10 Year IT Project Management Veteran for both Public and Private Sector and managed hundreds of teams, and thousands of virtual projects. He was a Top 5 Project Manager for Philips Nationwide 2013 and 2014.