Oakland Zoo Gondola | First Look: New California Trail from Inside the Gondola!

The Oakland Zoo Gondola is bringing nature and people together in a way that’s never been done before! ??

Nature is supposed to be fun. ?

Join us 650 feet above Oakland’s iconic Bay Area in a state-of-the-art Gondola. ?

Air-conditioned and cozy enough for you and your entire family, be one of the first to bear witness to breaktaking views of Oakland, San Jose, and the Golden Gate Bridge. ?

?Experience the captivating beauty of California’s natural wildlife and forests…

?Create memories that matter alongside the endangered California Condor, Yellow-Legged Frog, our majestic Grizzlies…

?And connect with nature like nowhere else on the planet.

At the Oakland Zoo, they want you to know this truth: together — alongside our furry and winged friends, forests, and rivers — humans can coexist and participate in the natural experience of our beautiful planet.


Join me, my family and the team on adventures around the world! See you on the next adventure!



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