The Last Words I Told My Boss

“Is there anything else I could do to make this transition any smoother?”

The last words I told my boss…

On the last day of my 6-figure corporate career as a successful Project Manager at a fortune 500 Company. 

He looked at me and said, “No, I don’t think it could have been any smoother”

I handed over the keys to my corporate car (a very fun Turbo Ford Escape).

Turned in my company printer.

I proceeded to wipe my company cell phone and place it in a zip lock bag with the charger along with my company badge.

You see, I had given my two week notice and the time was up.

I probably worked harder the past two weeks of my career than I ever had.

I took all 70+ projects I was managing and detailed every single communication and status for all of them…

I reached out to all my stakeholders to let them know I was moving out of state but that they were in good hands.

I had meeting after meeting with the other project managers I had been mentoring to make the transition as painless as possible.

Something inside of me wanted to make them miss me.

It was time for me to pave my own way, and I had seen the writing on the wall.

I was trapped at my work and even though I had just got a “promotion” to Project Manager III – I felt nothing but emptiness.

 My family was falling apart
 My grandfather was dying
 My wife and I had an unsuccessful pregnancy
 My new manager (the 8th one in 4 years) didn’t value me

It was a recipe to turn anyone into a timebomb. ????????

When I finally exploded it was a commitment to myself to never undervalue myself… again.

Half of me wanted to just put my feet up and do nothing my last two weeks at the corporate job…

But luckily the other half, filled with pride and ego- didn’t let me.

The Director (my boss’s boss) reached out to me personally and told me that he was going to miss me and that he supported my decision.

He wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn about his experience with me the four years I worked under him.

I left with my head held high. 

It was the most frightening and most liberating moment of my professional life… 

When I realized, it was the best and last job I would ever have.

It was time to fly. 

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