Looking Back on 2018 and Those Who Made it Possible.

2018 was an incredible year for me professionally.

There are three types of people in your life that make a positive impact on your business:

???? All-Star Clients

???? Collaborators

???? Mentors

I wanted to take a moment to recognize a few from each category.

First, a disclaimer, I have some truly remarkable clients, and this was really a hard decision to make keeping it down to a few.

Secondly, MANY of my clients have become collaborators and vice versa.


By far the most challenging and explosive client this year has to be: ✅ Alex Morton

He has a huge following and content for days – we have been creating two videos and a quote-pic every single day.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on what we will do together, and I’m flying out to Miami to prep content and 2019 plan before he speaks at 10x GrowthCon with Grant Cardone.

It’s also brought Sheelah Marie and I closer as we have worked on several high-profile clients together – she’s the right kind of bad-ass to work with.


The fastest growing relationship has to be ✅ Cody Neer and his team at 727 Digital. We manage hundreds of his Shopify stores and we started out with 3 dedicated Shopify experts to work with him and now we are up to 9 – and they need more.

From uploading products, to order fulfiment, to customer support… Much more to do.


This person is truly something, he has to be the only one who fits EVERY category: ☑️ Dennis Yu

What started out as an opportunity to gain his business, be flew to the Philippines in August to meet me and my team. He spent two days training my team his processes and we are launching two core products next month based around Personal Branding.

Since then we have collaborated several times on video, we both gave a lesson together at DigitalMarketer HQ.

We also have teamed up to tackle some incredible clients that neither of us could have handled alone.


Last but not least, ☑️Alona Rudnitsky and her team at East 5th Avenue Affiliate Marketing.

She and her team are growing fast and we are honored to support them with our Executive Assistant team.

Our team attends meetings, takes minutes and follow up on the adminstrative tasks that used to take up valuable time from their team not spent on their zone of genius.


Some incredible corporate clients who have been Important for our growth this year:





COX / Martin Jones



This category are clients who have also helped me in my own business as well:

✅ Arne Giske

✅ Rachel Michaelov

✅ Catherine Karabetsos

✅ Wes Schaeffer

✅ Sam Hodgett

✅ Michael Sinnhuber

✅ DrEd Osburn

✅ JR Rivas

✅ John Carroll

✅ Morgan Robinson

✅ Nick Snapp

(There are so many more… I’m sorry to my other 100+ clients that are more than qualified to make this list)


I already mentioned Dennis Yu, but he deserves it again, we’ve done a lot this year, and I expect more in 2019!!


✅ Julia McCoy – CEO of Express Writers, an all around introvert and one of my favorite people to follow.

She was one of my very first clients – before I even had a website or a business name… From Fiverr…

That is a story for another day

✅ Dan Henry – I spoke on stage at his AdCon event early this year and it was incredible.

He is polarizing, edgy, and rude – but I consider him a friend and I would support any event he does in the future (wink wink – AdCon 2019)

✅ Jordan Treimer – he is an incredible videographer and creative, we shot a LOT of the video content you have seen that year. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

✅ Sylvania Harrod has been so awesome, we have shared a room together, a Tesla together and made some real impactful things together for LinkedIn.

✅ Thomas Duran – creative director and wizard behind a camera, he’s an incredible client and the most recent videos (and several that haven’t dropped yet) are his art.

✅ Kolby Kay who has been there, a gangster on the scene, a true marketer at heart and always has a collaboration whenever he asks.

✅ Kevin Cohen – his expertise in Marketing and automation are incredible. His brain works at a frequency level most won’t even get to their whole lives.

✅ Kevin Anson – so much growth, this year he’s been a client and also a friend. All the bee videos you see with the fancy graphics, he is the one who put it all together.

✅ Rob Balasabas my man over at Thinkific pushing the limits and always driving value. He knows I’m always down to collaborate and we always have a great time together.

✅ Sammy ShoeBox Moses Taggett – if you don’t know who Sammy is, you are missing out on life, that’s all I can say, there is so much to be said about him. Beautiful heart, solid skills, and genuine.

✅ Michelle Skaff who has taught me so much, she is an incredible woman who has a desire to help so many and do really big things.

✅ Kit and Rosie Volcano who are just about to have a baby too! These two have been incredibly hungry clients, I am so excited for what we do together in 2019.

✅ Jason Hall who is just a crazy bald dude with a passion I have yet to see surpassed. So excited to do more collaboration in 2019.

✅ Mitch Miller and Karla – the odd couple, the wild and fun duo – if you signed up for me CLEAR Copywriting Workshop you can blame these two. It was at a private event co-hosted with them which made me bring my copywriting technique to the public.

✅ Arne Giske who came out to my penthouse in the Philippines for two weeks and helped me build out so much. He’s one of my best collaborators yet!

✅ Marcus Murphy who just a few months ago reached out to me to solve an issue and since then has adopted me into the Digital Marketer family – and has some damn good bourbon (and I don’t even drink, but I had to try a $1200 bottle of that!!)

✅ Ryan Long and Michelle Marie who I’ve been supporting doing promotion and social media for the City Summit & Gala. Many of you in my circle of Influence has attended these events and had a blast.

✅ James Jacobi the stud, the legend, the man I know is on his way to change the lives of so many.

✅ MY TEAM!! It has been a very hard transition the last 6 months moving away from an hourly model and doing results based packages. If it wasn’t for my project management team, I would have not survived this. (Including Brandon Belew who has built pretty much every backend of website / integration I’ve ever thought of for the past 15+ years)



MAN – so many…..

⭐ Tony Grebmeier for always believing in me, doesn’t matter if his business does 8 or 9 figures, he still calls me to see how I’m doing. I am honored to call him a friend as well.

⭐ Jay Abraham who in January told me I was crazy for not having an affiliate program. I implemented his advice immediately and made 20% gain in sales from it.

⭐ Russel Brunson who literally changed the way I look at my business and marketing forever.

⭐ Ashton Kutcher who earlier this year, he put his arm around me and told me “This is cool huh?” … He said that because I was going to do an interview with him… but completely froze up when we spoke… I honestly never was “star struck” before in my life, but what he said about passion in business and how important it is to have a vision that not only you but OTHERS can be passionate about… It was key.

⭐ Tom Bilyeu who showed me that no matter how successful you are, you can still be a great guy who cares.

⭐ Tai Lopez – a lot of you are going to hate on him, but the 4 times we spoke this year he was always really insightful. He knows marketing and the interview I did with him about “Superbowl Quality Commercials” is something ALL of you should be listening to.

⭐ Dan Clark – who our relationship is just starting, he is an incredible mentor and showed me the value of having solid stories people can relate to. More to come about this and I’d love to do more collaboration with you in 2019!

⭐ Greg Reid for all his work and encouragement this year. For reminding me that most people quit only a few feet before striking gold.

⭐ Ryan Deiss who drops bombs on the daily, we shot an interview I’m releasing next month with some real invaluable lessons that we can all apply to ur businesses.

⭐ Jason Sisneros the bald avenger, he’s a bad man, in a good way. He’s taught me so much in a short period of time. Him and Joe Calo are business Rockstars managing 30+ businesses at the same time.

Well there are so many other mentors and Influencers who have helped and guided me along the way.

This post was much longer than I expected, but honestly, not long enough…

So many people have been involved in my professional Growth…

I thank you all, for being a part of the journey as well.

Onward – Jeff J Hunter

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