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Facebook "Reminded Me" Of How Much Can Change... SO Fast

Facebook reminded me of a post I made 2 years ago when I first started to build my personal brand...

It was the most engagement I've ever had at the time...

Ready for this? I got 21 likes...all from friends and family.

It was a picture of my wife.

The caption above the picture said "I can't believe she stayed with me for 8 years"

Fast-forward to this year, Facebook alerted me that I have garnered over 150,000 likes on my posts.

This doesn't include hearts, sad faces, shocked faces, laughing faces, or angry faces....

Just likes... 150,00 of them...

It's time for a reality check.

You know they say your engagement rate is less than 3%

So, if 100 people see your post, 3 might like it.

That means....

If I received 150,000+ posts have been "liked" ...

That would mean I would need to have over 5,000,000 impressions... To get 150,000 likes.

Now, I'm guessing my engagement rate is higher than average...

Let's say it's SUPER GOOD... 3X the average... At 9%

That still means my posts have been seen over 1.6 MILLION times...

And this engagement is from my target audience that I've successfully built.

Now I'm not saying this to brag. I'm trying to make a point...

That if your favorite chubby, bald, ex-corporate project manager can build authority, generate sales and connect with some of the coolest people in the world using his personal brand...

Then you can too.

It's hard to believe that I'd be speaking on the most prestigious stages in the world showing other Founders & CEOs how to build successful brands in the digital age.



Trusted by Iconic Brands

If you're looking to build your brand, look no further than Jeff J Hunter. He's the man! It's been fun watching Jeff's journey and watching him grow his own personal brand. I've been happy to be a part of it and lucky to know Jeff. I appreciate his wisdom and more importantly, his friendship. This entrepreneur journey can be lonely sometimes but being able to share the journey with people like Jeff make it all worthwhile and so much fun! I can't recommend Jeff enough and don't have the space to say enough about him.

Ashley Glenn
Ashley Glenn Founder & CEO: Ash Marketing

I’ve had the honor of working with Jeff and his amazing team in multiple locations and countries. Jeff never misses a detail– a sign of someone who truly cares.

He is one of the most decent, intelligent human beings I know. A lot of people make promises– this guy comes through and delivers.


Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu CTO | BlitzMetrics

Everything I've Learned While Building A Personal Brand From Scratch...Boiled Down Into An Exact Process

An endless amount of opportunity awaits you.

Imagine building a strong following of raving fans who will support you along your journey...

Imagine building connections and strategic partnerships with influential people you view as mentors...

And remember - people buy people, not products.

Jeff J Hunter | CORE

The C.O.R.E. Branding Method

  • 3 ways to conjure engagement and sales on-demand. The T.A.E. Method will keep all the tire-kickers and freeloaders away from your marketing.
  • The storytelling secrets of Hollywood you can use to entertain your audience while making sales. There's a reason why each blockbuster movie falls into a handful of plots.
  • How to create "mini-virality" within your niche. Think of engagement as "votes" for how well your content resonates with your audience.
  • The trick to staying "Top-of-mind" of your audience. Use these techniques and you'll be unforgettable without being annoying.

And much, much more...


The 4 Key Elements to Become an "Icon" in Your Industry


If you want people to be "interested" in you, you must be interesting. 

The first step to building a raving fan base of followers who will follow you off a cliff is to captivate them. To do so, you must build a deep EMOTIONAL connection with your audience. You do this by the power of story telling, and by creating content with the intention to create CONVERSATIONS (not just engagement).



In today's world, everyone is seeking an audience. That's why it's never been more important than NOW to build one. By creating that connection with your audience and being "Omnipresent" you create mutli-channel growth. This allows you to build a strong following on across multiple platforms, increase your email list, and customer base.


NO ONE KNOWS YOU (If you do it wrong) 

It's one thing to be an "EXPERT" - Lord knows, there are a lot of "self-proclaimed" know-it-alls in every industry. It's another thing to be RECOGNIZED as an expert in your industry. Not by your mom, or your friends, or even your clients - but by your own industry peers. You do this by building relevant "expert" content and positioning yourself as the "top-of-mind" expert across multiple platforms.



Marketing is MIND CONTROL. The ability to influence decisions. This is a super-power that must be harnessed and used with caution. You know when you are a "TRUE INFLUENCER" when you are recognized as an "expert" in your industry, and you also have the magic sauce to get people to take action. The marriage between your RELEVANCE and your audience ENGAGEMENT is the focal point that burns TRUE influence.

I'm not talking about the girl on instagram who has 2.6 million followers and lost a clothing deal because she couldn't pre-sell 36 t-shirts (true story). I'd say she has no REAL influence.

Over the past 10 years I have successfully built incredible brands for my clients in several industries.

Below are 4 key elements you can use to become a REAL influencer in your space (and not the ones that buy followers who don't buy)

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    Meeting Jeff and becoming one of his clients has changed my life! My mind has expanded on what’s possible and all of those ideas rambling around inside my head have been turned into websites, lead gen programs and sales and marketing automated systems. Most importantly he is a generous incredible human being and friend.
    Michelle Skaff Life Architect | Nutrigenomics
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