Losing Clients Online Because You Aren’t Organized?

Are you wasting valuable clients online? Have you ever lost a client because they slipped through the cracks? 

We all know how important it is to be organized ? in our business.

It’s hard to be on top of your game if you don’t have a streamlined process to streamline new sales while keeping your existing clients happy.

You might have said, “what should the process look like, where do I start?”

Learning the hard way or “figuring it out” requires so much time and energy…..

I’m very excited to announce that I’m adding something new and exciting coming to the 9010 Life Program for all 60+ existing pilot members:

In this 6-week 9010 Life Program you will:

➡️Week 1: Learn how to create a structure outlining the operations of your business.

Freedom Plan
Determine which tasks you need to handle and which would be better off outsourced.
Automated Sales Strategy
Time-Management Hacks

➡️Week 2: Creating Your Sales Pipeline

Over-The-Shoulder Sales Pipeline Building
Personalized Sales Automation
Mind-Blowing Customer Experience with integrated calendar

➡️Week 3: Getting Out of Your Own Way: Business Freedom

Priorities & Strategy Mindset
Create Freedom Recipes AKA “Standard Operating Procedures” (or just cheat and use/modify proven copy-paste ones)
Free Recipe Workshops: learn from others, and we work together to build out yours

➡️Week 4: Mastery of Delegation for the Virtual CEO

Benefits of Delegation
Mastery of Delegation Step I
Mastery of Delegation Step II
Levels & Styles of Delegation for Successful Remote Team Leadership.

➡️Week 5: Project Management for Successful Virtual Teams

Virtual Team Management Tools
Business Architecture
Solving Problems as a Team
Maximum Productivity & Accountability for Virtual Teams
Business Architecture

➡️Week 6: Building Your Virtual Team to Run it FOR

The “Perfect” Job Description
Building an eager team that want you to shine
Your First Virtual Team Hire
Your business on autopilot

It’s time to get your business organized, automated, and then delegated to run FOR YOU, so you’re not losing clients online.

That is the 9010 Life.

PS. Did I mention there will be WEEKLY workshops to get you through the 6-Weeks as quickly as possible to have REAL freedom in your business?

STOP Losing Clients Online.

Register for the FREE 9010 Life Webinar and Get Started Now!


Clients Online Not Worth Losing 9010 Life

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