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To achieve some focus and clarity when setting goals, our SMART Goal Setting Template is there to assist you. Goals are achieved, by first possessing an idea of what it is you want to attain success at. Also, you must deduce the tasks necessary to achieve those goals. Thankfully the 90/10 Life is here to teach you how to successfully delegate 90% of the tasks. Yet, you need to insert that 10% in presenting clarity for your objectives to be accomplished.

What separates someone who achieves goals and who doesn’t? Discipline

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” -Pablo Picasso

Indeed it is impertinent to decide what is important to you. It is also important that you resolve to take the steps required to make these goals, your realities. Without clearly stated goals, you will have no sure guarantee that your efforts are worth the time you’ll invest. Needless to say, you need to set goals which serve to guide you onto that route to success.

If you’re passionate about living the 90/10 Life, you already know that you need to delegate so you can focus on that 10% which matters most. Consequently, you must provide guidelines, such as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Your virtual team will need your SOP to achieve the results which you deem achievable. Use of the SMART goal analysis can help you to formulate goals which are achievable.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie

What is the SMART Micro Goal Setting Template?

To ensure you remain on point while setting goals, utilize SMART goals.

SMART translates to Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-bound goals. When formulating a goal, apply the implications of these terms to the desired goals. Then ensure that something is done every day which helps to achieve these goals. The goal setting template guides you to formulating micro goals of your own.

You don’t attain long-term goals by waiting for something to happen. You work toward achieving them by setting several micro goals. The completion of all these micro-goals consequently result is the accomplishment of the goal in its entirety. Doing so might just leave you in a daze of satisfaction as you tick off all the tasks on your list of tasks to accomplish.

You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential.” -Steve Garvey

The goal setting template is there to help you to organize your goals. That way, you can focus on accomplishing the main goal. This list of micro goals will spur your forward with every tick you insert next to the goals you accomplish. As a result, goals which were once seemingly out of reach come within grasp.

The Secret Benefits of Micro Goals

Each micro goal achieved brings you one step closer to achieving the major goal – clear visual evidence that you are moving forward. The secret of setting micro-goals refers to their benefits with regards to attaining your major goals. There are numerous benefits to setting micro-goals utilizing the micro goal setting template. The micro goal setting template allows you to focus on specific outcomes and helps you to formulate useful micro goals. The secret benefits of the micro goals you set would include:

Micro Goals Are Attainable

In comparison to major goals, micro goals appear easily attainable. For example, my goal was to post one thing on Facebook for thirty days. With each day which proceeded after I wrote that goal, I ensured that I found something noteworthy to post. I did this every day, for thirty days. Would you believe it – Facebook noticed and congratulated me for having posted something each day for 30 days. That felt great.

Micro Goals Serve As Fuel

Micro goals help to set the pace thus creating a healthy source of motivation. With each micro goal accomplished you get one step closer to achieving your major goal. Additionally, it is simply an energizing feeling to know that we all have the potential for attaining success at the major goals we set.

Micro Goals Serve As Nesting

Micro goals provide the nesting place necessary to support your major goals. Imagine an egg on a hard surface without the support of soft nesting. A strong gust could easily carry that egg off in any direction toward an uncertain end. Micro goals provide security and direction thus keeping your major goal within reach.

The 3 P’s of Goal Setting

Have you decided to write your goals and the micro goals which accompany them? After you decide to utilize the micro goal setting template you must also incorporate Tracy’s – The 3 Ps of Goal Setting. Ensure that:

  • Your Goals are written in the Present tense. You want to see actions to start on this goal from today. These goals should be written beginning with, I want to achieve this goal by a given time frame.
  • Your Goals are Personal. Although you may need others to accomplish various micro goals, they do so at your request. Such goals should be stating that I want to have such a person accomplish such a goal by a set date.
  • Your goals must be Positive. This simply means that your goal must be one which facilitates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Consequently, when you review those goals and work at them daily, you become a part of the top 1%. The time to act is now. Use the goal setting template to help you identify your SMART goals.

The goal setting template is here to assist you in delegating effectively.

Delegation is Key to the 90/10 Life

Remain mindful that, the key to benefiting from the 90/10 Life Principle is to systematize and delegate. You do not possess the skills which are necessary to accomplish ALL the micro goals which help make that great goal possible. Therefore it is to your benefit to consider utilizing the skills and talents of others to achieve your micro goals.

Also, remember that their actions must be in accordance with your vision. After all, the micro goals which you have written provide the road map to your success. For this reason, sound instructions are necessary to provide clarity to those who have been assigned the tasks. In such a case, a clear and concise SOP is the most valuable asset to your virtual assistant.

In the virtual world, visual learning is the predominant learning style for most virtual assistants. Therefore, you need to utilize software which can help you to convey your vision. A video is a vital element for rapid transfer while also providing the detail which written or audio media lack. There are several apps available which can assist this process.

Apps such as TinyTake and ScreenFlow can assist in video capture. Thus helping your virtual assistant to see your process. Also, if you wish to prepare a SOP document, screen shots are a tremendous help to visual learners. Consequently, it is important that you set clear directives for the micro goals which you virtual assistant is responsible for.

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