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The metaverse the final frontier

The Metaverse: The Final Frontier

The “Metaverse” is one of the most significant announcements that has come in years. What used to be written in Sci-Fi Fantasy books is now looking more like a fulfilled prophecy with Facebook going all-in on virtual reality (VR) with “Meta”. What’s even more exciting is the possibilities it will create with augmented reality (AR). Keep reading –  I’m going to dive into what the Metaverse is, why it is important and how we can use it to our benefit.


Facebook Unveiled the Metaverse

The news of Facebook unveiling the Metaverse (MVRS) filled the headlines on October 28, 2021. The announcement of renaming the parent company of the social media giant as META was similar to how Google renamed its company to Alphabet in 2015. However, the issue is not in the renaming of the parent social media company but what is in it for you as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Before then, there has been much controversy in social media over the future of the “Metaverse” since Facebook CEO introduced it a few months ago. Many people are still wondering about the essence of the Metaverse and what impacts it will have on their businesses.

But the question on the lips of most people is: “What exactly is The MetaVerse?” Beyond that, entrepreneurs should ask why they should care about Metaverse and how it is likely to impact their businesses in time to come.

Here are my views about Metaverse and how it will impact many businesses in time to come:


Change is inevitable

You cannot continue to resist changes if you want to make a difference in the business world. It is crucial to make yourself relevant in this world by being part of the changes. The people that profit from changes are those who embrace the change and are able to adapt quickly. That’s one important reason I’ve always followed emerging technologies and eagerly leveraged 

these trends profitably as an entrepreneur. –

Metaverse today, is like the “Internet” in 1973

The technology has continued to evolve since five decades ago when two notable scientists Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf first developed the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, also known as TCP/IP. Internet Protocol is the communications model that sets and defines standards for data transmission among a series of networks across the globe. We’re in the early formations of the digital universe we are creating. We’re also on the cusp of the biggest moral and ethical dilemma humanity has ever faced over the battle of controlling our freedom of speech and expression to come. This goes for our personal freedoms as well as our business.


Metaverse could be the next chapter of the Internet

When the Internet first started, messages could only be transmitted in texts. Short messages were the order of the day. Emerging technologies gave human beings the power and ability to express themselves with as much clarity as possible. We can now experience the world with greater richness than ever before. The advent of smartphones has paved the way to enjoy better audio-visual interactions. With better internet connections like 4G and 5G, video content has dominated the internet space. The world has moved from text to photos; we are now in the era of videos. Now enter the “Metaverse” which will transcend from video to augmented reality and virtual reality (which technically is a form of LIVE and INTERACTIVE video).


The Metaverse will increase remote opportunities 

The global pandemic has sped up the use and transition to online collaboration and communication tools.  What we have seen with remote work is only the tip of the iceberg. We can now be present anywhere in the world as if we’re right there with other people irrespective of how far (even continents) apart you may physically be.


The Metaverse could be the successor to the mobile Internet

Your home would be your personal space from where you can teleport to anywhere in the world. I can only imagine the possibilities that the Metaverse would bring to the world, and I’m excited all these are not so far into the future; it’s already here. The advertising opportunities for virtual space and signage, the ability to buy, sell, create in the virtual economy. The implementation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) where you can actually own the rights to exclusive digital assets.


The Metaverse will unlock a lot of amazing experiences

When you meet people remotely, you interact with them as you are seated next to each other. There would be no longer feelings of being miles apart on the Internet. You are not just staring at the screen to receive a set of instructions from your team leader; you are right in the midst of these experiences. So, you experience this in the most natural way that is possible. 


The Metaverse will make future activities immersive

The era of peering through only smartphones or a tiny phone screen in your hand would be gone. You’ll experience every message as if you are right there with the sender sharing memorable moments and unique experiences.  Can you imagine how immersive the future activities (especially gaming) would look when you can see things as they are? Welcome to the ride!


The Metaverse goes beyond spending time on screens

There have been a lot of hazards associated with spending more time on the screen. In addition to that, the screens fail to deliver that deep feeling of human presence. Merely looking at the screen can’t convey the full range of human connection and expression the world is seeing in these days of modern technologies. Human beings long for more, and the Metaverse is designed to deliver just that.


The Metaverse is a technology built around people

The future starts now. You can now experience the whole world in its entirety and interact with every element in its beauty. The potential that the Metaverse holds is entirely unquantifiable. You can only understand Metaverse when you have firsthand experience. Every new thing is always difficult to explain since it’s not yet in existence. Imagine someone trying to experience working remotely three decades ago or talking to someone over Zoom.


I’m going to be following this closely for sure, even if you don’t. When I follow things like this, I have always been an early mover. And I’m often among those who always get the early opportunity. Many entrepreneurs and business owners who are skeptical of the virtual workforce have started embracing the same with the advent of the global pandemic. 


What should you do with the Metaverse as an entrepreneur?

The focus of every entrepreneur should be how to be adequately prepared for the changes that are about to hit the world through the unveiling of the Metaverse. Here are a few things you should do to make the best of these new emerging technologies:


  1. Prepare yourself for the next chapter

Every entrepreneur needs to prepare for what’s about to unfold because it’d be more immersive than what you’ve ever imagined before now. Can you imagine the possibility of doing anything you can imagine like learning, onboarding, shopping, playing, moving around, checking up on family members without leaving your home? The future will be fascinating, and that’s the more reason you should key into it now.


  1. Embrace the changes

A lot has changed across the world, and many things are going digital. The global pandemic also accelerates many changes that should have taken years to evolve. In this new world that is emerging post-global pandemic, you will need to embrace the changes. Why? Because many things will continue to change and evolve in the coming years. Some of these changes would be gradual, while some would be sudden. You should be on the lookout for changes that you should embrace as quickly as it emerges. The Metaverse is one to keep your eyes on.


  1. Adopt early (because early movers always lead the market)

Imagine an internet or iteration where you can interact with your surroundings, shop, learn, work, play games as if you were in them with the help of a VR headset. All these and more would be made possible with the help of Metaverse. Follow up and read more about the Metaverse to position yourself or your business in this emerging technology. In my opinion, it’s quite a leap into the future. It is essential that you secure their position and build their brand authority in the Metaverse.


Many business owners are falling behind when it comes to an understanding of how to use the Metaverse.  In the modern world, where all boundaries are being broken, there is a big possibility that the Metaverse is just a few years away. It is not something for the future, it is almost here, and you should start harnessing ways to key your business into this exciting emerging technology.


I leave you with one last thought – with so much automation, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality….

It’s never been more important to be a real human.

TRUMP vs. BIDEN: The Tale of Opposite Political Branding

 Hold on to your britches, Savages, because today we’re going to analyze the marketing behind both the Trump and the Biden campaigns. Now, just like anyone else, I don’t know what the outcome of the election will be — So I won’t make any predictions. Instead, I’m going to break down some of the angles, branding, and marketing strategy at play between our two major presidential candidates. 

First of all, let’s consider the rallies. If you haven’t been keeping up to date, I want to paint a mental picture of what these rallies look like on their respective sides — Because they couldn’t be more different.

Look at Trump’s rallies. In a grandiose spectacle, he comes in on a helicopter that lands right behind the stage. The horde of his supporters stands butthole-to-belly button, thousands deep — Some with masks on, others with masks off. They cheer, scream, and yell, as deafening music plays for the kind of brash pomp and circumstance we’ve all come to expect from Donald Trump’s political image. It’s truly a sight to behold. 

However, Biden’s rallies offer their own jarring visuals, of equal and opposite nature. He walks briskly down a stairway, no one around him. The event probably has 100 or fewer people, almost all of whom are at least six to eight feet apart. They sit in thick, white, perfect circles painted on the ground, mostly one-by-one, but with a few couples dispersed who sit together. Biden walks on stage wearing his mask — A stark difference from maskless Trump and company. 

These highly contrasting images are why I love what I’m sharing today, and what I’ll be sharing on the next (short) episode of the Savage Marketer Podcast. Looking at these two vastly different approaches, we see two distinctive political brands:

Trump is a rebel, outsider, and maverick who can’t be held down; clearly what his base has connected with.  Biden is cautious, controlled, and scripted. He plays by the book and by the rules. The image of his rally is incredibly clean, disciplined, and almost academic, adhering closely to each and every social distancing guideline. This approach appeals strongly to his respective follower base as well.

Then there’s the matter of discourse Trump and Biden use against each other. Like their rallies, their rhetoric is also vastly different. Biden says Trump is reckless, crazy, and totally out of control; something that has cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives. But Trump claimed something incredibly interesting (and arguably more optimistic) during the second debate, saying that we can’t all “hide in our basements forever” in handling the pandemic. What’s clear is that Biden comes from a far more traditional political school of thought — While Trump arms himself with insults and emotional appeals. 

On the topic of emotional appeals, think about the emotions that are stirred inside you when you consider each campaign. Regardless of which candidate you favor, the truth is that your emotional response is the result of an incredible amount of effort each candidate has put into their personal brand. You see, for most people, perception is reality. Which candidate appeals most to you? Which of these rallies do you feel is ‘right’? Thousands of Trump supporters shoulder-to-shoulder, or a meticulously crafted, cautious, highly-regulated event?

We’re in for such an interesting election because it’s these two polar-opposite camps pitted against each each other. Is the majority of America looking for four more uncontrollable, wild, rambunctious years? Or are we seeking order, deliberate action, and traditional diplomacy? Are we outrageous rebels, or civil citizens willing to stand in line?

Regardless of your political alignment, please join us for our next episode of Savage Marketer this Monday, November 2nd. Everything will be up for discussion, and if you haven’t yet, feel free to join the Savage Marketer Facebook group! We’d love you to introduce yourself and engage in discussion about which candidate you think will win, and whose branding you think is more effective.


Do Entrepreneurs Have Holidays or Keep Grinding?

For entrepreneurs, taking time off during the holidays can be particularly challenging. First, you risk losing income if you’re not working. Second, it’s hard to find someone else to manage things during this busy time of years. We want to provide tips to readers about how to take time off during the holidays without creating even more stress for yourself.

ANSWER: As an Entrepreneur the words “Grind” and “Hustle” are typically front and center, but what happens when it’s the holiday season? Entrepreneurs often feel like they’re a slave to their jobs, they’re the only people on this planet crazy enough to work an 80 hour work week to avoid working a 40 hour work week for someone else.

So when the Entrepreneur wants to take “time off” from work – what happens?

First off, it’s always important to have an incredible team, and more importantly – a process. You know, the truth is, most entrepreneurs are slaves to their businesses because they haven’t created what I like to call “Freedom Recipes” aka Standard Operating Procedures for the work that they do. Literally if they get sick, or can’t come to work – their businesses STOP.

To truly have freedom in your business, you have to do three things:

  1. Create “Freedom Recipes” of what you do, or you’ll be a slave to it forever.
  2. Hire the RIGHT people who can perform the work for you – either in-person or virtually
  3. SET expectations for the holiday season, rotate people on your team based on their family schedules, be flexible, and even allow people to work “REMOTE”.

Yeah I said it – the future of business is virtual. Currently I have over 50 people on my team who don’t work in my office, they are 100% virtual. As a matter of fact, I encourage them to travel while they work – as long as they have dedicated time to focus on the task at hand, their computer, and a solid internet connection – I’ve built the processes in my business to literally be done 100% virtually.

So do yourself a favor this holiday season, develop processes, and optimize your business using the latest virtual tools to keep your business on the go.

I get it, sometimes business doesn’t stop – but that doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing to stay on top of it.

Enjoy your family this year, hire yourself a Virtual Assistant who can keep things moving for you, even when you’re not around.

How to Use Linkedin to Grow Your Personal Brand and Build Profitable Relationships

Imagine if you were able to get thousands of Qualified Leads to your funnel every single week for FREE, without any software, monthly subscriptions or skills? I’m talking about leads who you already know would benefit from your product or service, not just random people that you “think” would be interested, or some look-alike audience.

That’s exactly what is happening on LinkedIn, practically the Wild West the ONLY professional social platform. Ever since Microsoft purchased the platform for 26.2 Billion dollars, they have been adding new functionality to make it more appealing, and attract “professional” people to LinkedIn.

Your own “Profile Page” is now one of the sexiest funnels out there, and completely free. Hold on tight, because I’m going to show you how to turn your profile into a lead generation funnel following these stupid simple 6 steps from top-to-bottom!

6 Steps to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile:

Step 1: The “HERO” Cover Photo & Profile Picture

It’s pretty sad how much people waste the biggest and first-viewed part of their profile the cover photo. Make sure it conveys expertise, authority, and likability. Work your company logo or brand colors along with it, higher-resolution the better. For me, I’m using a “Look, Mom, I’m on TV” photo – you don’t need to have one, but if you do, it establishes instant authority. If you don’t have one, use the likability shot, to make people feel like you’re approachable. Make sure you have the answer to their problems in your cover photo.

Your “Profile Picture” should be your head-shot. Make sure it’s bright and clear, and people can recognize you easily from the photo, so don’t use one that doesn’t look like your everyday appearance. Ensure that it’s smiling, and appealing, remember – people need to feel a warm feeling when they look at it!

Step 2: Secure Your Profile Link:

You can edit your profile link (URL) to match your name. If you have a standard name (like I do) then use your middle. For example, I use: – notice I use the “J” in my middle name since there are hundreds of Jeff Hunters? Seriously) This is important, it’s claiming your stake, it’s your own domain, and getting your own real estate on LinkedIn.

Step 3: Your Headline

OK, let’s not forget the #1 thing care about… themselves. So what do you offer them, why should people use you or your product? What problem do you solve for them? Here’s your time to shine, the “Headline”. The simple formula that works over and over is “I do X for that results in Z” – example: “I Help Entrepreneurs Automate Their Sales Prospecting with Virtual Teams” Now there’s plenty of ways to say this using the same formula. I also like to throw in some personality, something provocative as a conversation starter, and of course HINT: you can just copy and paste from Facebook, and they work on LinkedIn)

Here’s my current status:

⚒️ Automate Your Sales & Business with Virtual Teams

Step 4: Calls-To-Action EVERYWHERE

There are three main areas you can put a Call-to-Action on your profile:

1. Below your headline is a “Summary” in which you can add “Media” in the form of a link. Put your lead magnet, your calendar, or your website. That’s the top of the funnel offer!

2. In your “Articles” – you can hyperlink the content to your website, or anything else. You can also embed videos there to get people familiar with your message.

3 Your “Experience” which is where you list your positions – we’ll get into more of that in the next section.

Make sure to click the “Link” button on the media sections of each, and drop them there!

PRO TIP: Click the “Share with network” toggle to share your job with EVERYONE in your network. EVERYONE will be notified that you started a new position (a great way to build visibility with your network AFTER you’ve updated your profile – so do this last!)

(Hint: You can change the words on the link, so adjust to fit your copy)

Step 5: The BEST Social Proof on ANY Platform

Could you imagine if on your personal Facebook profile people could leave reviews? Yeah, that’s pretty much what “Recommendations” are on LinkedIn. What’s the best way to get recommendations you say? Simple, by giving them, and as an added an INCREDIBLE way to get traffic to your OWN LinkedIn profile because your headline will stand out when they read recommendations you leave on other LinkedIn Profiles.

(EXAMPLE: Here’s a couple left by my clients and colleagues to show the power it has!)

Step 6: Get Them OFF LinkedIn

The best advice I can give anyone about converting leads from LinkedIn is simple, get them off of LinkedIn. Get them to your calendar, get on a call – or maybe even ask them for a cup of coffee if they’re local! The faster you get someone to talk to you, the faster you get results.

If you want to download my more in-depth step-by-step it here:

Looking Back on 2018 and Those Who Made it Possible.

2018 was an incredible year for me professionally.

There are three types of people in your life that make a positive impact on your business:

???? All-Star Clients

???? Collaborators

???? Mentors

I wanted to take a moment to recognize a few from each category.

First, a disclaimer, I have some truly remarkable clients, and this was really a hard decision to make keeping it down to a few.

Secondly, MANY of my clients have become collaborators and vice versa.


By far the most challenging and explosive client this year has to be: ✅ Alex Morton

He has a huge following and content for days – we have been creating two videos and a quote-pic every single day.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on what we will do together, and I’m flying out to Miami to prep content and 2019 plan before he speaks at 10x GrowthCon with Grant Cardone.

It’s also brought Sheelah Marie and I closer as we have worked on several high-profile clients together – she’s the right kind of bad-ass to work with.


The fastest growing relationship has to be ✅ Cody Neer and his team at 727 Digital. We manage hundreds of his Shopify stores and we started out with 3 dedicated Shopify experts to work with him and now we are up to 9 – and they need more.

From uploading products, to order fulfiment, to customer support… Much more to do.


This person is truly something, he has to be the only one who fits EVERY category: ☑️ Dennis Yu

What started out as an opportunity to gain his business, be flew to the Philippines in August to meet me and my team. He spent two days training my team his processes and we are launching two core products next month based around Personal Branding.

Since then we have collaborated several times on video, we both gave a lesson together at DigitalMarketer HQ.

We also have teamed up to tackle some incredible clients that neither of us could have handled alone.


Last but not least, ☑️Alona Rudnitsky and her team at East 5th Avenue Affiliate Marketing.

She and her team are growing fast and we are honored to support them with our Executive Assistant team.

Our team attends meetings, takes minutes and follow up on the adminstrative tasks that used to take up valuable time from their team not spent on their zone of genius.


Some incredible corporate clients who have been Important for our growth this year:





COX / Martin Jones



This category are clients who have also helped me in my own business as well:

✅ Arne Giske

✅ Rachel Michaelov

✅ Catherine Karabetsos

✅ Wes Schaeffer

✅ Sam Hodgett

✅ Michael Sinnhuber

✅ DrEd Osburn

✅ JR Rivas

✅ John Carroll

✅ Morgan Robinson

✅ Nick Snapp

(There are so many more… I’m sorry to my other 100+ clients that are more than qualified to make this list)


I already mentioned Dennis Yu, but he deserves it again, we’ve done a lot this year, and I expect more in 2019!!


✅ Julia McCoy – CEO of Express Writers, an all around introvert and one of my favorite people to follow.

She was one of my very first clients – before I even had a website or a business name… From Fiverr…

That is a story for another day

✅ Dan Henry – I spoke on stage at his AdCon event early this year and it was incredible.

He is polarizing, edgy, and rude – but I consider him a friend and I would support any event he does in the future (wink wink – AdCon 2019)

✅ Jordan Treimer – he is an incredible videographer and creative, we shot a LOT of the video content you have seen that year. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

✅ Sylvania Harrod has been so awesome, we have shared a room together, a Tesla together and made some real impactful things together for LinkedIn.

✅ Thomas Duran – creative director and wizard behind a camera, he’s an incredible client and the most recent videos (and several that haven’t dropped yet) are his art.

✅ Kolby Kay who has been there, a gangster on the scene, a true marketer at heart and always has a collaboration whenever he asks.

✅ Kevin Cohen – his expertise in Marketing and automation are incredible. His brain works at a frequency level most won’t even get to their whole lives.

✅ Kevin Anson – so much growth, this year he’s been a client and also a friend. All the bee videos you see with the fancy graphics, he is the one who put it all together.

✅ Rob Balasabas my man over at Thinkific pushing the limits and always driving value. He knows I’m always down to collaborate and we always have a great time together.

✅ Sammy ShoeBox Moses Taggett – if you don’t know who Sammy is, you are missing out on life, that’s all I can say, there is so much to be said about him. Beautiful heart, solid skills, and genuine.

✅ Michelle Skaff who has taught me so much, she is an incredible woman who has a desire to help so many and do really big things.

✅ Kit and Rosie Volcano who are just about to have a baby too! These two have been incredibly hungry clients, I am so excited for what we do together in 2019.

✅ Jason Hall who is just a crazy bald dude with a passion I have yet to see surpassed. So excited to do more collaboration in 2019.

✅ Mitch Miller and Karla – the odd couple, the wild and fun duo – if you signed up for me CLEAR Copywriting Workshop you can blame these two. It was at a private event co-hosted with them which made me bring my copywriting technique to the public.

✅ Arne Giske who came out to my penthouse in the Philippines for two weeks and helped me build out so much. He’s one of my best collaborators yet!

✅ Marcus Murphy who just a few months ago reached out to me to solve an issue and since then has adopted me into the Digital Marketer family – and has some damn good bourbon (and I don’t even drink, but I had to try a $1200 bottle of that!!)

✅ Ryan Long and Michelle Marie who I’ve been supporting doing promotion and social media for the City Summit & Gala. Many of you in my circle of Influence has attended these events and had a blast.

✅ James Jacobi the stud, the legend, the man I know is on his way to change the lives of so many.

✅ MY TEAM!! It has been a very hard transition the last 6 months moving away from an hourly model and doing results based packages. If it wasn’t for my project management team, I would have not survived this. (Including Brandon Belew who has built pretty much every backend of website / integration I’ve ever thought of for the past 15+ years)



MAN – so many…..

⭐ Tony Grebmeier for always believing in me, doesn’t matter if his business does 8 or 9 figures, he still calls me to see how I’m doing. I am honored to call him a friend as well.

⭐ Jay Abraham who in January told me I was crazy for not having an affiliate program. I implemented his advice immediately and made 20% gain in sales from it.

⭐ Russel Brunson who literally changed the way I look at my business and marketing forever.

⭐ Ashton Kutcher who earlier this year, he put his arm around me and told me “This is cool huh?” … He said that because I was going to do an interview with him… but completely froze up when we spoke… I honestly never was “star struck” before in my life, but what he said about passion in business and how important it is to have a vision that not only you but OTHERS can be passionate about… It was key.

⭐ Tom Bilyeu who showed me that no matter how successful you are, you can still be a great guy who cares.

⭐ Tai Lopez – a lot of you are going to hate on him, but the 4 times we spoke this year he was always really insightful. He knows marketing and the interview I did with him about “Superbowl Quality Commercials” is something ALL of you should be listening to.

⭐ Dan Clark – who our relationship is just starting, he is an incredible mentor and showed me the value of having solid stories people can relate to. More to come about this and I’d love to do more collaboration with you in 2019!

⭐ Greg Reid for all his work and encouragement this year. For reminding me that most people quit only a few feet before striking gold.

⭐ Ryan Deiss who drops bombs on the daily, we shot an interview I’m releasing next month with some real invaluable lessons that we can all apply to ur businesses.

⭐ Jason Sisneros the bald avenger, he’s a bad man, in a good way. He’s taught me so much in a short period of time. Him and Joe Calo are business Rockstars managing 30+ businesses at the same time.

Well there are so many other mentors and Influencers who have helped and guided me along the way.

This post was much longer than I expected, but honestly, not long enough…

So many people have been involved in my professional Growth…

I thank you all, for being a part of the journey as well.

Onward – Jeff J Hunter

The Last Words I Told My Boss

“Is there anything else I could do to make this transition any smoother?”

The last words I told my boss…

On the last day of my 6-figure corporate career as a successful Project Manager at a fortune 500 Company. 

He looked at me and said, “No, I don’t think it could have been any smoother”

I handed over the keys to my corporate car (a very fun Turbo Ford Escape).

Turned in my company printer.

I proceeded to wipe my company cell phone and place it in a zip lock bag with the charger along with my company badge.

You see, I had given my two week notice and the time was up.

I probably worked harder the past two weeks of my career than I ever had.

I took all 70+ projects I was managing and detailed every single communication and status for all of them…

I reached out to all my stakeholders to let them know I was moving out of state but that they were in good hands.

I had meeting after meeting with the other project managers I had been mentoring to make the transition as painless as possible.

Something inside of me wanted to make them miss me.

It was time for me to pave my own way, and I had seen the writing on the wall.

I was trapped at my work and even though I had just got a “promotion” to Project Manager III – I felt nothing but emptiness.

 My family was falling apart
 My grandfather was dying
 My wife and I had an unsuccessful pregnancy
 My new manager (the 8th one in 4 years) didn’t value me

It was a recipe to turn anyone into a timebomb. ????????

When I finally exploded it was a commitment to myself to never undervalue myself… again.

Half of me wanted to just put my feet up and do nothing my last two weeks at the corporate job…

But luckily the other half, filled with pride and ego- didn’t let me.

The Director (my boss’s boss) reached out to me personally and told me that he was going to miss me and that he supported my decision.

He wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn about his experience with me the four years I worked under him.

I left with my head held high. 

It was the most frightening and most liberating moment of my professional life… 

When I realized, it was the best and last job I would ever have.

It was time to fly. 

The Power of Storytelling

There is SO MUCH power in a story.

BUT – you have to know HOW to tell a story.

It has to be “Visual” – that’s right, they need to be able to relate to the story and imagine themselves there.

Have you ever sat around a campfire or a dark room with your friends and tell scary stories?

It was always easy to tell who was the best story teller.

When the told you about the evil character hiding in the closet.

Described in such detail, you could visualize how scary he was.

The suspense… you could imagine being there.

Touching the door knob, afraid to turn it.

How your skin JUMPED right off of your body when they open the door.

Remember – Stories need to be visual!

See how you were involved in that story?

Be honest, could you visualize it?

Top 20 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs (by Entrepreneurs)

Here’s the Top 20 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs….. recommended by my awesome circle of… Entrepreneurs!

Before I get into “RECOMMENDED” podcasts, I had to do a quick shoutout to a few people who have awesome podcasts AND have made an impact on me:

Shoutout #1:

The first is Wes Schaeffer, aka The Sales Whisperer. He’s not only a client of mine, but also a mentor, he’s got some incredible experience and when he speaks – I just shut up and listen. He’s a ruthlessly Pragmatic sales trainer, marketing consultant, keynote speaker, copy writer, InfusionSoft expert, Doer.

Perry Marshall The-Sales-Podcast-#292

He has two podcasts, The Sales Podcast & CRM Sushi, both conveniently found here:

Shoutout #2:

Someone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a number of times – Daniel Gefen

Daniel Gefen | Can I Pick Your Brain?

He is the host of the top-rated podcast show called ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’ which has exceeded over 150,000 downloads and was named top 26 podcasts to listen to by CIO Magazine. He has interviewed over 100 thought leaders, Billionaires and celebrities. He recently launched his book “The Self-Help Addict” which became an international best seller! (Congrats!)

I love to LEARN, and so does my circle of amazing entrepreneurs. I asked some of my network what their top podcasts are and I compiled a list!

  1. I Love Marketing – with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson                                                                                                                                                       Joe Polish and Dean Jackson have been in love with marketing for decades and in their podcast they get to talk about all the new tactics and strategies for marketing that you could possibly think of. By sitting down with some of the world’s most successful marketers they give their audience tips and tricks on how to improve their marketing game.
  2. The Marie Forleo Podcast – with Marie Forleo                                                                                                                                                                   Marie’s podcast is a motivational, inspirational, creative, productive, and all around happy place where she talks about how you can make every aspect of your life better and more fulfilling. Marie and her guests share their strategies on how you can a stronger more successful person.
  3. The Life Coach School Podcast – with Brooke Castillo                                                                                                                                                       Brooke is the creator of the Life Coach School where she trains people to either become life coaches or help themselves becoming their own life coaches. She teaches people how to have a better mindset and be more prepared to take on the world.
  4. The Tim Ferriss Show – with Tim Ferriss                                                                                                                                                                           Tim Ferriss has had hundreds of world-class performers come on his show and discuss what works for them, what helps them get through the day, and what helps them be more successful. By doing this he is able to offer his audience tips and tricks on how they can improve their lifestyle and become more successful in all aspects of their lives.
  5. Copywriters Podcast – with David Garfinkel                                                                                                                                                                       David uses his podcast to teach people about how they can make money with “the magic of copywriting.”
  6. The Life Stylist – with Luke Storey                                                                                                                                                                                     The Life Stylist podcast is entirely dedicated to helping people live up to their fullest potential. In his interviews Luke is on a mission to get people to spill some of their best stories and tactics that they incorporate into their everyday lives and become more and more successful.
  7. Work On Your Game Podcast – with Dre Baldwin                                                                                                                                                               Dre Baldwin coaches people so that they can get back that confidence and discipline that they need in their lives. His podcast is meant to help people get back on their feet and take the initiative and truly become successful.
  8. Being Boss – with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon                                                                                                                                                 Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs it is a place where they can get advice and get that extra confidence boost they need to achieve their goals and have support along the way.
  9. Hardcore Closer –  with Ryan Stewman                                                                                                                                                                             Ryan Stewman created his program so that he could share his knowledge about about sales and social media marketing with more people. After a few carrier changes he found that his true calling was bestowing his sales wisdom onto as many people as possible so that they can learn how to sell online on their own.
  10. Calls – with Chris Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                       In his podcast Chris Smith gives his audience a little insight by telling them how he runs his own business the Curaytor, revealing the tactics and strategies that he has implemented in his business.
  11. Funnel Hacker Radio – with Dave Woodward                                                                                                                                                                     This podcast gives actionable advice and reveals secrets from some of the world’s most well known marketers on how to become a successful online marketer.
  12. Art of Paid Traffic – with Rick Mulready                                                                                                                                                                               Rick talks about strategies that you can use in your own business to generate traffic using paid traffic without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time.
  13. How I Built This – with Guy Raz                                                                                                                                                                                          How I Built This is about how entrepreneurs and innovators have built their companies with nothing to start with. Each episode tells their story of how they’ve grown by overcoming their failures and celebrating their victories gotten to where they are now.
  14. Marketing Secrets – with Russell Brunson                                                                                                                                                                       In this podcast Russell Brunson talks about how marketers that have pored their hearts, souls, and wallets into their business still remain profitable. He reveals marketing strategies and secrets to running a successful business.
  15. Hustle and Flow Chart – with Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier                                                                                                                                                   Each week you’ll learn how to creative and implement some sort of system to gain  back more freedom and still make more money.
  16. The Nathan Fraser Show: BYOBoss Podcast – with Nathan Fraser                                                                                                                                 This podcast is meant teach people the benefits of the free market and how to successfully and profitably pursue their career in the field.
  17. GaryVee Audio Experience – with Gary Vaynerchuk                                                                                                                                                       In his podcast Gary Vaynerchuk Has included a mix of speeches, segments from his video series, and interviews about his career.
  18. Natural Born Coaches – with Marc Mawhinney                                                                                                                                                                   In his podcast Marc interviews successful life coaches so that people can use their tactics to become the best coaches they can be.
  19. Podcast – with Ben Settle                                                                                                                                                                         Known for his controversial opinions on business marketing Ben uses his podcast to share what he thinks about the business world and it’s strategies and management.
  20. The Hustle Show: Entrepreneurs with No Filter – with Christian Arriola                                                                                                                             On this show Christian Arriola shares tips, hacks, ideas, and success stories about the business world. He is determined reveal the real side of entrepreneurship and motivate people to start up their own business.

BONUS: I launched my OWN Podcast

Yes, it’s true, the Savage Marketer Podcast is officially LIVE! It’s 20 minutes of raw, un-edited, no-BS, no Fluff, just the most SAVAGE Marketing Strategies from the best in the game.

Savage Marketer Podcast Preview

Check it out here:

Do you have one to add? Comment below! 

The Key to SUCCESSFUL Delegation

Here are some key points in delegation:

?1. Choose the right people and the right system. Select people who are self-motivated, trainable and teachable, and comfortable without constant supervision.

?2. Decide to what to delegate. If you are not fully comfortable in delegating your work, you can start to delegate things little by little:

Try things you don’t like to do first…

Then try some you are not good at, that steal your time and motivation.

It’s easy to tell yourself to get rid of things you don’t like to do, or just too time consuming.

?3. You don’t even have to be a great leader to delegate.

I hear people all the time say things like “Jeff, it’s so easy for you, you are a great leader”…

First off… I wasn’t…

When I first started my business I hired 27 people….

Oh, and I fired 26 of them the same year.

I didn’t know what I was doing….

Then I realized something, the second year it “clicked”…

You see…. I thought THEY were the problem…

I said things about Virtual Assistants that now I hear every day:

—?It’ll take too long to train them

—?There’s a language barrier, they don’t understand me

—?It’s easier if I just do it myself

Then I realized, actually I was the problem, and it was stupid simple to get things done once I figured it out…

It’s about having the right systems in place, knowing what your team is doing, and providing them resources THEY need to be successful.

Make sure you set aside time to answer questions from your team and learn to manage your expectations because this will make things easier.

Top 27 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

I asked my network of successful entrepreneurs what books helped them in their success. Well, ask and you shall receive – credit to all my friends who suggested them!


27 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

NO B.S. Direct Marketing:The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses

    1.     NO B.S. Direct Marketing:The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses – author: Dan S. KennedyKennedy lists a few strategies proven to increase profit and productivity in ANY business. Updated to concentrate on the newest media and marketing tactics this book illustrates these strategies by case examples from an elite team of specialists.   Get it here!-    Recommended by: Dave Williams



#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

     2.    #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness – author: Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk a marketing and business master mind discusses some of his most useful and intriguing questions that he has addressed on his show. Gary went above and beyond leaving traditional methods behind and started using social media platforms to reach a whole new audience and make things happen. Get it here!-    Recommended by: Dave Williams



     3.    Launch Your Dream: A 30-Day Plan for Turning Your Passion into Your Profession – author: Dale Partridge Launch Your Dream is a 30-day plan that provides a concrete idea on how to start a new business and take back your freedom, to live a more successful and fulfilling life. Get it here!-    Recommended by: Dave Williams




    4.    The Way of the SEAL: Think Like An Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed –  author: Mark Divine Divine used tactics he learned from his elite training as a SEAL to create eight powerful principles that can help anyone transform into the leader they’ve always wanted to be. This is the ultimate guide for businesspeople who want to know all the secrets of success. Get it here!-   Recommended by: Dave Williams




    5.    Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us – author: Seth GodinTribes is a guide that teaches the three steps to building your own tribe. Anyone can be a leader and with the right guidance and tools they can really make a change. Get it here!-   Recommended by: Chris Schwab




     6.    How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life – author: Scott Adams Adams has somehow found a way to turn around one failure after another and become hugely successful. He describes his most useful tricks and strategies that have helped him get to where he is now. Get it here! –   Recommended by: Chris Schwab




   7.    Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t – author: Jim Collins Collins analyzes why some companies don’t take that extra step from good to great. The book sheds light on every aspect of management strategy and practice and explains the success in those companies that have lived up to their full potential and those who refrain from doing so. Get it here!-    Recommended by: Jake Adams



    8.    The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses – author: Eric RiesThe Lean Startup approach helps companies be productive and continuously shift into new directions with ease rather than wasting time creating complex plans that take to long to alternate between. Get it here!-   Recommended by: Jake Adams




    9.     How to Master the Art of Selling – author: Tom Hopkins In How to Master the Art of Selling Hopkins teaches you step by step how you can apply these strategies that he has perfected to your own business and have it thrive.  Get it here!-    Recommended by: Aaron James





   10.    The Conversion Code: Capture Internet Leads, Create Quality Appointments, Close More Sales – author: Chris Smith Smith describes a step-by-step plan to increase sales in today’s modern world where the market is more competitive than it has ever been. The Conversation Code gives businesspeople an actionable blueprint for getting leads and turning them into paying customers. Get it here!-    Recommended by: Jay Sherman





   11.    The Secret of the Seven Seeds – author: David Fischman Fischman’s life is spiraling out of control and in his book he reveals his struggles and his true self through his fictional character Ignacio Rodriguez. The character is a stressed out entrepreneur who is running low on patience and money and he seeks help in hopes of regaining some balance. As the applies the seven seeds to his work life things start to turn around. Get it here!-    Recommended by:  Hüppe Keith




   12.    Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant – author: W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne The Blue Ocean Strategy is a book made to challenge everything that you thought you knew about the market place. It is based on strategies that will help you create your own blue ocean it wipe out your competitors. Get it here!-    Recommended by: Michelle Marshall  




   13.    The Master Key System – author: Charles F. Haanel The Master Key System gives reader a precise framework on how to achieve what it is that they desire. In just twenty four lessons Haanel teaches you how to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.  Get it here!-    Recommended by:  Michelle Marshall



   14.    Think and Grow Rich – author: Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich is a book made to help the readers succeed in all aspects of life. The philosophy taught by the author is one that has been designed to help motivate people to do or be anything they want.  Get it here!-    Recommended by: Michelle Marshall      





   15.    Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action – author: Rich Horwath This book is focused on helping everyone become an expert strategist with a path of three disciplines you can evaluate yourself and become an become an extremely valuable member of your organization in no time.  Get it here!-    Recommended by: Elizabeth Wing             





   16.    The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months – author: Brian P. Moran This book is intended to have you setting up your year as 12 weeks long as opposed to 12 months so that you are forced to prioritize your tasks. It reduces low productivity and allows you to get more stuff done that really matter.  Get it here!-    Recommended by: Suzanne McIntosh




   17.    The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – author: Gary Keller The One Thing helps people focus on what really matters in all aspects of their life so that they can be more organized, stay on track, achieve what it is that they really want to in life. Figuring out what your ONE THING is, is the first step is truly becoming successful.  Get it here!-    Recommended by: Gabriel Neuman





    18.    The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage – author: Mel RobbinsThe 5 Second Rule is the a simple rule that can be applied to anyone and everyone. It pushes people to truly become their best self and be more productive, engaged, and collaborative. Get it here!-    Recommended by:  Andrey Seas        





    19.    The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich – author: Timothy FerrissThis step-by-step guide to luxury lifestyle pretty much teaches people how to live their best life in work and in their personal life. It will teach you everything you need to learn about how to live the 4-Hour workweek so that you can live an upscale life.  Get it here!-    Recommended by: Dillon O’keefe Simmerman




    20.    Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook – author: Tony Robbins In this book Tony Robbins teaches you how to build and put a plan into action so that you can get the true financial freedom that you’ve always wanted. This includes just a 4 principles and advice from some of the world’s most successful people to help you. Get it here!-   Recommended by: Dillon O’keefe Simmerman




    21.    Mastery – author: Robert GreeneGreene believes that everybody has the potential to become a master. With this guide you’ll learn how to unlock the secrets of your field and surpass your competitors and much more. Get it here!-   Recommended by: Dillon O’keefe Simmerman




    22.    The City of Influence: A Business Tale – author: Jared Stewart The City of Influence is a parable about a man that was able to save his struggling business with the help of a group of mentors that teach him secrets to build strong professional relationships for his business. Get it here!-  Recommended by:  Hawk Mikado




    23.    Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers – author: Timothy Ferriss Through years of interviewing, analyzing and experimenting, Tim Ferriss has created the ultimate notebook of routines, tactics, and habits of over 200 world class performers.   Get it here!-   Recommended by: Steve Middleton




    24.    The Success Principles- How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – author: Jack Canfeild – This book of principles, strategies, and success stories is designed to increase your confidence, help you live a happier healthier more fulfilling life, and so much more! No matter who you are or what you do this guide will help you get to where you want to be. Get it here!-    Recommended by:  Sara Ooley Bumgarner




    25.    Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It – author: Chris VossAfter being in the FBI Voss picked up a few tips and tricks when it came to high-stakes negotiation. He teaches people how to take deal-making to a whole new level.  Get it here!-  Recommended by:  Tyron Giuliani




    26.    Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal (Business Skills and Development) – author: Oren Klaff – Klaff provides the tactics and strategies you need to pitch your ideas and gain more support and funding than you ever thought was possible. Get it here!-     Recommended by:  Tyron Giuliani




27.    The Science of Selling: Proven Strategies to Make Your Pitch, Influence Decisions, and Close the Deal – author: David HoffeldThis book teaches you the actual science that goes on in brain when making decisions and it shows you how to incorporate that into your sales to boost your ability to influence others.  Get it here!-    Recommended by:  Tyron Giuliani


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