The Metaverse: The Final Frontier

The “Metaverse” is one of the most significant announcements that has come in years. What used to be written in Sci-Fi Fantasy books is now looking more like a fulfilled prophecy with Facebook going all-in on virtual reality (VR) with “Meta”. What’s even more exciting is the possibilities it will create with augmented reality (AR). Keep reading –  I’m going to dive into what the Metaverse is, why it is important and how we can use it to our benefit.


Facebook Unveiled the Metaverse

The news of Facebook unveiling the Metaverse (MVRS) filled the headlines on October 28, 2021. The announcement of renaming the parent company of the social media giant as META was similar to how Google renamed its company to Alphabet in 2015. However, the issue is not in the renaming of the parent social media company but what is in it for you as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Before then, there has been much controversy in social media over the future of the “Metaverse” since Facebook CEO introduced it a few months ago. Many people are still wondering about the essence of the Metaverse and what impacts it will have on their businesses.

But the question on the lips of most people is: “What exactly is The MetaVerse?” Beyond that, entrepreneurs should ask why they should care about Metaverse and how it is likely to impact their businesses in time to come.

Here are my views about Metaverse and how it will impact many businesses in time to come:


Change is inevitable

You cannot continue to resist changes if you want to make a difference in the business world. It is crucial to make yourself relevant in this world by being part of the changes. The people that profit from changes are those who embrace the change and are able to adapt quickly. That’s one important reason I’ve always followed emerging technologies and eagerly leveraged 

these trends profitably as an entrepreneur. –

Metaverse today, is like the “Internet” in 1973

The technology has continued to evolve since five decades ago when two notable scientists Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf first developed the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, also known as TCP/IP. Internet Protocol is the communications model that sets and defines standards for data transmission among a series of networks across the globe. We’re in the early formations of the digital universe we are creating. We’re also on the cusp of the biggest moral and ethical dilemma humanity has ever faced over the battle of controlling our freedom of speech and expression to come. This goes for our personal freedoms as well as our business.


Metaverse could be the next chapter of the Internet

When the Internet first started, messages could only be transmitted in texts. Short messages were the order of the day. Emerging technologies gave human beings the power and ability to express themselves with as much clarity as possible. We can now experience the world with greater richness than ever before. The advent of smartphones has paved the way to enjoy better audio-visual interactions. With better internet connections like 4G and 5G, video content has dominated the internet space. The world has moved from text to photos; we are now in the era of videos. Now enter the “Metaverse” which will transcend from video to augmented reality and virtual reality (which technically is a form of LIVE and INTERACTIVE video).


The Metaverse will increase remote opportunities 

The global pandemic has sped up the use and transition to online collaboration and communication tools.  What we have seen with remote work is only the tip of the iceberg. We can now be present anywhere in the world as if we’re right there with other people irrespective of how far (even continents) apart you may physically be.


The Metaverse could be the successor to the mobile Internet

Your home would be your personal space from where you can teleport to anywhere in the world. I can only imagine the possibilities that the Metaverse would bring to the world, and I’m excited all these are not so far into the future; it’s already here. The advertising opportunities for virtual space and signage, the ability to buy, sell, create in the virtual economy. The implementation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) where you can actually own the rights to exclusive digital assets.


The Metaverse will unlock a lot of amazing experiences

When you meet people remotely, you interact with them as you are seated next to each other. There would be no longer feelings of being miles apart on the Internet. You are not just staring at the screen to receive a set of instructions from your team leader; you are right in the midst of these experiences. So, you experience this in the most natural way that is possible. 


The Metaverse will make future activities immersive

The era of peering through only smartphones or a tiny phone screen in your hand would be gone. You’ll experience every message as if you are right there with the sender sharing memorable moments and unique experiences.  Can you imagine how immersive the future activities (especially gaming) would look when you can see things as they are? Welcome to the ride!


The Metaverse goes beyond spending time on screens

There have been a lot of hazards associated with spending more time on the screen. In addition to that, the screens fail to deliver that deep feeling of human presence. Merely looking at the screen can’t convey the full range of human connection and expression the world is seeing in these days of modern technologies. Human beings long for more, and the Metaverse is designed to deliver just that.


The Metaverse is a technology built around people

The future starts now. You can now experience the whole world in its entirety and interact with every element in its beauty. The potential that the Metaverse holds is entirely unquantifiable. You can only understand Metaverse when you have firsthand experience. Every new thing is always difficult to explain since it’s not yet in existence. Imagine someone trying to experience working remotely three decades ago or talking to someone over Zoom.


I’m going to be following this closely for sure, even if you don’t. When I follow things like this, I have always been an early mover. And I’m often among those who always get the early opportunity. Many entrepreneurs and business owners who are skeptical of the virtual workforce have started embracing the same with the advent of the global pandemic. 


What should you do with the Metaverse as an entrepreneur?

The focus of every entrepreneur should be how to be adequately prepared for the changes that are about to hit the world through the unveiling of the Metaverse. Here are a few things you should do to make the best of these new emerging technologies:


  1. Prepare yourself for the next chapter

Every entrepreneur needs to prepare for what’s about to unfold because it’d be more immersive than what you’ve ever imagined before now. Can you imagine the possibility of doing anything you can imagine like learning, onboarding, shopping, playing, moving around, checking up on family members without leaving your home? The future will be fascinating, and that’s the more reason you should key into it now.


  1. Embrace the changes

A lot has changed across the world, and many things are going digital. The global pandemic also accelerates many changes that should have taken years to evolve. In this new world that is emerging post-global pandemic, you will need to embrace the changes. Why? Because many things will continue to change and evolve in the coming years. Some of these changes would be gradual, while some would be sudden. You should be on the lookout for changes that you should embrace as quickly as it emerges. The Metaverse is one to keep your eyes on.


  1. Adopt early (because early movers always lead the market)

Imagine an internet or iteration where you can interact with your surroundings, shop, learn, work, play games as if you were in them with the help of a VR headset. All these and more would be made possible with the help of Metaverse. Follow up and read more about the Metaverse to position yourself or your business in this emerging technology. In my opinion, it’s quite a leap into the future. It is essential that you secure their position and build their brand authority in the Metaverse.


Many business owners are falling behind when it comes to an understanding of how to use the Metaverse.  In the modern world, where all boundaries are being broken, there is a big possibility that the Metaverse is just a few years away. It is not something for the future, it is almost here, and you should start harnessing ways to key your business into this exciting emerging technology.


I leave you with one last thought – with so much automation, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality….

It’s never been more important to be a real human.

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