Do Entrepreneurs Have Holidays or Keep Grinding?

For entrepreneurs, taking time off during the holidays can be particularly challenging. First, you risk losing income if you’re not working. Second, it’s hard to find someone else to manage things during this busy time of years. We want to provide tips to readers about how to take time off during the holidays without creating even more stress for yourself.

ANSWER: As an Entrepreneur the words “Grind” and “Hustle” are typically front and center, but what happens when it’s the holiday season? Entrepreneurs often feel like they’re a slave to their jobs, they’re the only people on this planet crazy enough to work an 80 hour work week to avoid working a 40 hour work week for someone else.

So when the Entrepreneur wants to take “time off” from work – what happens?

First off, it’s always important to have an incredible team, and more importantly – a process. You know, the truth is, most entrepreneurs are slaves to their businesses because they haven’t created what I like to call “Freedom Recipes” aka Standard Operating Procedures for the work that they do. Literally if they get sick, or can’t come to work – their businesses STOP.

To truly have freedom in your business, you have to do three things:

  1. Create “Freedom Recipes” of what you do, or you’ll be a slave to it forever.
  2. Hire the RIGHT people who can perform the work for you – either in-person or virtually
  3. SET expectations for the holiday season, rotate people on your team based on their family schedules, be flexible, and even allow people to work “REMOTE”.

Yeah I said it – the future of business is virtual. Currently I have over 50 people on my team who don’t work in my office, they are 100% virtual. As a matter of fact, I encourage them to travel while they work – as long as they have dedicated time to focus on the task at hand, their computer, and a solid internet connection – I’ve built the processes in my business to literally be done 100% virtually.

So do yourself a favor this holiday season, develop processes, and optimize your business using the latest virtual tools to keep your business on the go.

I get it, sometimes business doesn’t stop – but that doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing to stay on top of it.

Enjoy your family this year, hire yourself a Virtual Assistant who can keep things moving for you, even when you’re not around.

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