9010 LIFE Webinar is LIVE!

It’s finally here. So excited to launch the 9010 Life Webinar this week. I have a lot of preparation to do, and it’s my first time ever launching a product…

SOO many hours already put into course, by myself and the team. I want to do a special thanks to Tana Vassou and Liz Benny who have really tolerated me and my “Project Manager” mentality.

I just officially raised the course’s price the third time to the initial offering price of $997 which I’ll be selling for the launch next week before it goes up to $1497 after all the modules are uploaded into the members area.


I want to thank my now 30!!! #9010LIFE Pilot Members who have been digesting the 3 modules thus far, and being so active in the group. The feedback, and suggestions have really crafted this into something special. It has been really magical to see the program take shape as I get feedback, and the evolution that took place.

Really looking forward (and super nervous) to launching the webinar, and bringing in so many successful people who are used to doing everything themselves!

Entrepreneurs who are literally the only thing holding them back from the potential their business COULD achieve if they had better systems.

I can’t wait to show them STEP-by-STEP how to delegate to a virtual assistant and better yet… how to not only AFFORD to hire QUALITY team members but have them MAKE you money with my “Cost-Neutral” hiring method.

If you’re still interested in joining up before the official launch message me privately – because I do NOT want you to pay full price.

I will send you over a coupon code as long as it’s before Thursday next week on official launch đŸ˜› Then you’re paying the introductory price and it’s worth a hell of a lot more anyway.

I just realized that right now I’ve already spent over 52 hours over the past 3 months developing this course… (I use a productivity app to track my time spent on specific activities)

I calculate at the $500/hr I typically charge per consult — even if I DIDN’T include ALL of my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) I’ve used over the years to help hundreds of businesses and busy people free themselves from their day-to-day operations, or scale multi-million dollar to multi-BILLION dollar Sales Operations for crazy start-ups I’ve helped over the years…

That would be worth 26K just in my own time alone… $500×52

Now, this doesn’t even include the THOUSANDS of dollars I’ve spent traveling all over the WORLD meeting with clients, helping them build and scale outsourcing operations.

This doesn’t include the 2-3 HOURS I dedicate DAILY to personal development in delegation, virtual project management, and staying up to date on the latest marketing methodologies.

This doesn’t include the consultants, the coaches, and the countless hours with clients – coming up with strategies to outsource damn near everything I could think of.

As a matter of fact, I accept the challenge of most to figure out a way to delegate almost anything.

The only things I’ve learned you can’t outsource…. is relationships, and education (although you CAN hire people smarter than you to do things you don’t want to learn).


Jeff J Hunter



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