The Key to SUCCESSFUL Delegation

Here are some key points in delegation:

?1. Choose the right people and the right system. Select people who are self-motivated, trainable and teachable, and comfortable without constant supervision.

?2. Decide to what to delegate. If you are not fully comfortable in delegating your work, you can start to delegate things little by little:

Try things you don’t like to do first…

Then try some you are not good at, that steal your time and motivation.

It’s easy to tell yourself to get rid of things you don’t like to do, or just too time consuming.

?3. You don’t even have to be a great leader to delegate.

I hear people all the time say things like “Jeff, it’s so easy for you, you are a great leader”…

First off… I wasn’t…

When I first started my business I hired 27 people….

Oh, and I fired 26 of them the same year.

I didn’t know what I was doing….

Then I realized something, the second year it “clicked”…

You see…. I thought THEY were the problem…

I said things about Virtual Assistants that now I hear every day:

—?It’ll take too long to train them

—?There’s a language barrier, they don’t understand me

—?It’s easier if I just do it myself

Then I realized, actually I was the problem, and it was stupid simple to get things done once I figured it out…

It’s about having the right systems in place, knowing what your team is doing, and providing them resources THEY need to be successful.

Make sure you set aside time to answer questions from your team and learn to manage your expectations because this will make things easier.

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