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The 3 Keys To Living Without Limits

The challenges we face do not define us – living without limits is withing reach. They don’t have such power because living without limits is a possibility. In order to successfully overcome our perceived challenges, we must adopt a positive winning attitude. Many times, the path to accomplishing the goals at hand are not clearly mapped for easy following. This is not a limitation but a window of opportunity. In moments of uncertainty, you are afforded an opportunity to think creatively as opposed to following a pre-designed model of progress. You would be surprised to discover your capabilities when you allow yourself to adopt these three keys to living without limits.

“… to keep moving up … , you have to abandon the security of that ledge and reach for another hold. Letting go of that sense of security.. is the challenge. … think of yourself as climbing a ladder. To move to the next rung, you must give up your grip and reach for the next one.” – Nick Vujicic

The 3 Keys to Living Without Limits:

1: Clarity

Clarity refers to the clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding. Steve Maraboli says it best when he says:

[clickToTweet tweet=”A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success. #Clarity” quote=”A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success.”]

Thus, to attain clarity suggests that one has attained freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. You need to know who you are, where you are going and what you want to achieve. The goals and aspirations of others can not be yours as well. As such, you may want to write down your own bucket list of goals you wish to accomplish.

Once you’ve written this list you must formulate plans to accomplish them. Remember that the 90/10 Rule must also remain applicable here as well. Set careful priorities and do something every day which makes your goals achievable. As you continue to attain the desired success you will experience greater self-confidence. By then you will clearly see that there are indeed no limits to what you can achieve.

2: Competence

How can competence be a key to living without limits? Competence is the shield you need to keep the neigh sayers at bay and prove that your success speaks volumes without uttering one word. Your competence demonstrates your skill, ability, proficiency, and capability. As Martin Van Buren said “it is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn’t”

The reality is, if you become very good in your chosen field and apply the 90/10 rule to everything, then you WILL achieve success! Recognize the fact that excellence is a continuously moving target, therefore, you must dedicate yourself to continuous learning as you grow.

3: Concentration

“The power to concentrate was the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.” ― Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami indeed summarized the importance of concentration quite aptly. How many times has this exact experience been your cry? Your eyes are wide open but you can’t seem to be able to find your way. This is why concentration is such a necessary skill.

When you concentrate, you actually force yourself to focus single-mindedly on one thing until (hopefully) it’s complete. Focus is a word which speaks it’s own meaning quite simply – “Follow One Course Until Successful! To be focused is to know exactly what you want and work tirelessly to achieve it. When you add the concentration to the mix, you become a force to reckon with.

With focused concentration, you are the only obstacle in your path. If you allow that concentration to remain resilient then you can accomplish the things that can make the real difference in your life. Therefore you need to dream big dreams and find ways to delegate the 90 percent of activities which waste too much of your time – I quit my 6-Figure Day Job to live the 9010 Life. Then focus your energies on doing those 10 percent tasks which actually make your dreams possible, rather than remaining as impossibilities.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Clarity, competence, and concentration are the three keys to living without limits.” quote=”Clarity, competence, and concentration are the three keys to living without limits.”]

Living Without Limits

Challenges will continue to abound as long as there is a quest for improvement. There would be no room for improvement if the path ahead was without difficulty. However when you take the decision to:

  • Incorporate clarity
  • Demonstrate competence
  • Have focused concentration

Limits shall become a distant memory. Join the 90/10 Life today and let your life without limits, allow you to soar.


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What Is The 90/10 Rule? 9010 LIFE Explained

The 90/10 Rule is one of the most helpful concepts for life and time management. According to this principle: 10 percent of your activities will account for 90 percent of your results. This can change the way you set goals forever!

What Is The 90/10 Rule?

You might have heard of the “80/20 Rule” AKA the Pareto Principle named after it’s founder, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto from 1895. Pareto noticed that people in society seemed to divide naturally into what he called the “vital few,” and the “trivial many”.

Based on my personal observations with clients over the years, I’ve concluded that It’s 10% or even LESS in some circumstances that contribute to ultimate success in your life and business.

This spawned from an activity I do with ALL of my clients over the years called the “Freedom Plan” in which I work with them to identify all the different tasks they do on a daily basis over a period of time. We work to determine which can ONLY be performed by them, that utilize their “Unique Abilities” – like clockwork, most EVERY Freedom Plan reveals that 10% or less of the activities are truly something they SHOULD be doing.

Therefore it is suitable to apply the 9010 LIFE rule to almost any situation. In particular, we can apply it to goal setting and productivity.

90/10 Rule In Action

If you have a list of ten items to accomplish, only one of those items will turn out to be worth more than the other nine items put together.

If you have a list of ten items to accomplish, one will be worth more than the other nine items put together.

The sad fact is that most people procrastinate on the top 10 percent of items. However, these are the most valuable and important – the “vital few”.  Instead, they busy themselves with the least important 90 percent, the “trivial many,” which contribute very little to their success.

Delegate, Automate, or Stop Doing it

How To Apply The 90/10 Rule

Here’s what you should do in order to effectively apply the 90/10 rule to goal setting and to your overall productivity.

First, take a piece of paper and write down ten goals. Then ask yourself: If you could only accomplish one of the goals on that list today, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on your life?

After completing this exercise, your choice will determine the most important goal. Achieving this goal will help you much more than any of the other goals on your list combined.  Ensure that you continue to work at the goal which you’ve chosen as the most valuable all the time.

This does NOT mean the other 90% of your work goes away, but you must make three choices for the other 90%:

A) Delegate it
B) Automate it
C) Stop doing it

Accomplish The Biggest Task First

Often, you may see people who appear to be busy all day long but seem to accomplish very little. This is almost always the case as they are busy working on tasks that are of low value. On the other hand, they are procrastinating on the one activity that could make a real difference to their companies and to their careers.

The most valuable task you can do each day is often the hardest and most complex. The payoff and rewards will make completing them truly worth it.

Before you begin work, always ask yourself, “Is this task in the top 10 percent of my activities or in the bottom 90 percent?”

The rule to adhere to here is: resist the temptation to clear up small things first!

Choosing to start your day working on low-value tasks, will cause you to soon develop the habit of always starting and working on low-value tasks.

Always Work Towards Your Main Goal

Always Work Towards Your Main Goal

Finally, let’s discuss this study that has just been done about the attitudes of rich people versus poor people in regard to goal setting. The study found that 85% of rich people have one big goal that they work on all the time.

Therefore, if you want to be wealthy, perhaps you should do what wealthy people do. Pick one big goal and work on it all the time. If you do, it will change your life.

Before we wrap up, I’d like to leave you with a thought to share with your friends and followers:

Your income right now is a result of your standards, it is not the industry, it is not the economy.”Tony Robbins

Those are my strategies for applying the 90/10 Rule to goal setting.

My questions today are: “Have you used the 90/10 Rule for goal setting? If you have, what changes have you noticed in your life?”

How To Use 9010 Lifestyle To Achieve Success

Dreaming big dreams has always been the starting point of great success. Nothing works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations. Begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do. Nothing is more important, and nothing works faster.

William Shakespeare wrote, “Do not be like the cat who wanted a fish but was afraid to get his paws wet.” You must be willing to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. When you make attempts and attain the success within reach, your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence will go up immediately. You will feel empowered about yourself and your ability to deal with what happens to you. The reason why so many people accomplish so little is because they never allow themselves to take action and achieve the kind of life that is possible for them.

Theory Of Constraints

As outlined by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox in their  “Theory of Constraints” –  is a set of tools to achieve positive change agents which can be used to manage constraints, thereby increasing profits. Thus making it possible to use this powerful principle to dream big dreams and live without limits. This is one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern thinking.

Goldratt found that in every process when seeking to accomplish any goal, there is a bottleneck or choke cord that serves as a constraint on the process. This constraint seeks to set the speed at which you achieve any particular goal. If you concentrate all of your creative energies and attention on alleviating the constraint, you can speed up the process faster than by doing any other single thing.

Allow me to illustrate using an example. Well, this is actually a true story. Imagine this! I was a very successful Project Manager for an AMAZING company. I was working 10-12 hours a day average. I was SLAVING my butt off for years and years. And I wasn’t seeing the progress of my hard work and dedication as I was doing everything in my business myself.

After working 10 – 12 hours a day for the years which ran by, I’d be exhausted. Needless to say, I was also watching my family fall apart. My stress levels were off the charts but I felt trapped. I needed my job to provide for the needs and well-being of my family but the time I was spending at my job made the home situation worse. I wanted to give up!


My utilization of the 90/10 lifestyle has afforded me with the drive to dream big and succeed. I quit my job at that amazing company and went into business for myself. I knew that I had a great skill and was certain that after so many years of polishing my craft that I could competently handle my own business.

Since mastering what I’ve shown you on the webinar I have:

  • Created a self-running business powered by a virtual team
  • Successfully grew a six figure business while having a FULL-TIME Job
  • Taught hundreds of others to get MORE work done by doing LESS themselves.

On the 9010 Life webinar, I show you HOW you can walk in my success footsteps. By outsourcing work you hate you make more money, have better relationships and most importantly you’re happier! I will teach you how to live the 9010 Life.

9010 Rule In Action

The 90/10 Rule In Action

My “Virtual Assistants” do over 90% of my work for me. No crap! No BS! No making stuff up! I literally figured out how to delegate 90% of what I did to virtual assistants and freelancers around the world. Don’t think for a minute that achieving this was an overnight achievement. There were many times I fell along the way. I went through hell out there, to get to where I am today!

I successfully launched my own business SOLELY POWERED by a 100% virtual team.

This is not an attempt at self-praise nor conceit. I’ve been humbled by the journey it took to get me here and I feel somewhat scornful when people treat me like a hero when I go to conferences now. I’m just a normal person who created a foolproof system to delegate effectively, and build an incredible virtual team!

What Are Your Constraints?

Constraints refer to the things, whether real or imagined which prevent you from achieving your goals. Therefore it is important that you identify the factors holding you back? Is it your level of education or skill? Is it your current occupation or job? Is it your current environment or level of health? Is it the situations that you are in today? What sets the pace for you achieving your goal?

Bearing in mind that learning should never stop, you can unlearn the things which debilitate your progress. It is possible to get yourself out of the situations which you have gotten yourself into, but you must be willing to identify the constraints which prevent you from seeing the silver-lining which accompany the clouds.  

Living the 9010 Life

To truly harness the power of the 9010 Life you must first identify the most valuable activities you do in your life. There is a proven method to determine this, along with your own time value within the 9010 Life Program. I also unleash the power of delegation and automation through systematization – this could sound challenging, but I’ve developed a STEP-BY-STEP process to follow that can free you from the 90% of your activities keeping you from the 10% that’s bringing you the most valuable.

Sign up for the FREE 9010 Life Webinar and learn these three secrets:

1) By outsourcing work you hate… you make more money, have better relationships… and you’re happier!

2) Reliable and Skilled Virtual Assistants are EASY to find and train to do work for your business

3) Having A Team Of Virtual Assistants [or just a Virtual Assistant] is LITERALLY the fastest path to your FREEDOM

Register now!

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9010 LIFE Webinar is LIVE!

It’s finally here. So excited to launch the 9010 Life Webinar this week. I have a lot of preparation to do, and it’s my first time ever launching a product…

SOO many hours already put into course, by myself and the team. I want to do a special thanks to Tana Vassou and Liz Benny who have really tolerated me and my “Project Manager” mentality.

I just officially raised the course’s price the third time to the initial offering price of $997 which I’ll be selling for the launch next week before it goes up to $1497 after all the modules are uploaded into the members area.


I want to thank my now 30!!! #9010LIFE Pilot Members who have been digesting the 3 modules thus far, and being so active in the group. The feedback, and suggestions have really crafted this into something special. It has been really magical to see the program take shape as I get feedback, and the evolution that took place.

Really looking forward (and super nervous) to launching the webinar, and bringing in so many successful people who are used to doing everything themselves!

Entrepreneurs who are literally the only thing holding them back from the potential their business COULD achieve if they had better systems.

I can’t wait to show them STEP-by-STEP how to delegate to a virtual assistant and better yet… how to not only AFFORD to hire QUALITY team members but have them MAKE you money with my “Cost-Neutral” hiring method.

If you’re still interested in joining up before the official launch message me privately – because I do NOT want you to pay full price.

I will send you over a coupon code as long as it’s before Thursday next week on official launch 😛 Then you’re paying the introductory price and it’s worth a hell of a lot more anyway.

I just realized that right now I’ve already spent over 52 hours over the past 3 months developing this course… (I use a productivity app to track my time spent on specific activities)

I calculate at the $500/hr I typically charge per consult — even if I DIDN’T include ALL of my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) I’ve used over the years to help hundreds of businesses and busy people free themselves from their day-to-day operations, or scale multi-million dollar to multi-BILLION dollar Sales Operations for crazy start-ups I’ve helped over the years…

That would be worth 26K just in my own time alone… $500×52

Now, this doesn’t even include the THOUSANDS of dollars I’ve spent traveling all over the WORLD meeting with clients, helping them build and scale outsourcing operations.

This doesn’t include the 2-3 HOURS I dedicate DAILY to personal development in delegation, virtual project management, and staying up to date on the latest marketing methodologies.

This doesn’t include the consultants, the coaches, and the countless hours with clients – coming up with strategies to outsource damn near everything I could think of.

As a matter of fact, I accept the challenge of most to figure out a way to delegate almost anything.

The only things I’ve learned you can’t outsource…. is relationships, and education (although you CAN hire people smarter than you to do things you don’t want to learn).


Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter | 9010 Life Webinar



I Quit My Job to Live the 9010 Life

I wanted to live the 9010 Life, but didn’t even know what it meant. It was February 29th, 2016, Leap Day, and little did I know that this day would be the day that I took a big leap of Faith.

I was working as a project manager for one of the Forbes 77 most valuable brands in the world. It was rewarding and challenging, but also took up all of my time and was located hundreds of miles away from my family.

In 2012, I seized the opportunity to pack up my life, and my 7-month pregnant wife to uncharted territories outside Portland, Oregon to manage projects for 5 states in the Pacific Northwest.

To be completely honest – I loved it, I’d still be doing it today, if not for events leading up to the leap. Personally, I had come to love high-stress roles, there’s something magical about coming into a hopeless situation and making it a success (which unfortunately I had to do too much of!).

A Hungry Conquest

Quickly rising to the call, I had been named top 5 Project Managers for the company nationwide in 2013, and every single month of Q1 2014 consecutively – the thrill was amazing. I’m an overachiever, and I’ve always been hungry to grow in every capacity possible.

As a project manager, there was so much that I had to do on a day to day basis, one of my productivity tricks was hiring a VA to help manage my personal projects. As a hobby, I’ve always loved doing websites and virtual projects for my own circle back in California – I took to freelance websites to just have some fun in my down time.

The Gig Economy

Some millennials belong to clubs, do sports, play video games, or join the choir – for me? It was project management. Even though I worked 10 hours (or even more) a day for my career – I’d spend 2-3 hours a night having fun on my projects, figuring out ways to push it to the limit.

Next thing you know, I have a team of 4 people, doing work FOR ME – on freelance websites, I would charge anywhere from 10-15 dollars an hour, and I would experiment finding resources for less to make a profit.

I quickly realized that FREELANCERS were pretty crappy to work with overall, especially when the project is over, and you need them to fix or build something else – they’re already off to another project.

So, I started to build my own virtual team, a team that I could leverage to do some pretty awesome projects. I started with social media management, moved into web design, and then found a sweet spot in virtual sales assistants. I found that most quality sales teams paid their account managers around $80-100K start after all expenses etc, but so many of them wasted their time on the least money-making activity of the job – finding leads!

The Exponential Growth

I stepped in and landed some pretty big contracts in 2014 for around 4-6K retainers which allowed me to expand my team by triple – AND crazy enough, it still required very little time on my behalf because on my “vacation” from work I traveled to the Philippines to train them myself on how to manage themselves.

To this VERY DAY, they do NOT have a manager. They are self-managed, and they are delegated properly with an onboarding process and standard operating procedure for each position.

I’ve even had my clients fly all the way from the USA to the office in the Philippines to work with me on developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and work on fine-tuning the team’s performance.

Things were going smooth, and it was a lot of fun, and still didn’t cost me much time because thankfully I had delegates successfully, it ran itself.

Then Life Threw a Few Hurdles Our Way.

First, my father had discovered a softball-sized tumor in his abdomen – I couldn’t believe it, he’s young, in his mid 50’s. He had a feeling for the past couple years, but it was worse than expected – he had late stage III-IV lymphoma and had spread throughout several lymph nodes, and also in his chest.

Shortly after, my grandfather had become ill – he had lost over 100 pounds and an awful lot of blood – having almost daily blood transfusions. We all knew in my family that he did not have much time left – even though I had expected him to have longer in him.

My wife and I had grown apart, our marriage was dangling only by our now three-year-old son, who had hardly known his own family being stripped far away with a once or twice trip for a holiday to California.

In life, we have a lot of choices. Sometimes we choose to focus on our career and on the financial stability of our families.

Other times we focus on making sure we get to spend enough time with each other.

Unfortunately, for me, at this time, these two important factors in my life hit a crossroad.

On top of that, I had just been “promoted” to Project Manager III – but it was a “reclassification” of my job – and now I was still expected to manage 5 states, and mentor the rookie Project Managers – but without being paid for my work above and beyond my work hours.

When I Knew I HAD to Live the 9010 Life:

My wife and I were so excited, we learned a little before Christmas time that she was pregnant!

The EXCITEMENT we had, my wife and I went to the doctor and they confirmed it, we were going to have another baby.

She was scheduled to go back and get her sonogram done at 10 weeks, we couldn’t wait to share the news.

We were about 9 weeks into our pregnancy when she and I made a snowman family with her, myself and our son – and a little baby snowman.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year we included a picture of our snowman family.

One week later, we found that we had lost the baby, as we still had message after message of congratulations from our distant friends and family on facebook.

We were devastated.

I had to remove the picture and contact people to let them know what happened, we randomly got messages the next few weeks saying – they heard we’re pregnant from so and so and congrats.

It hurt my wife so much, I spent weeks doing damage control, and I had to travel so much, her mom took emergency leave to fly up and be with her because I had business obligations – and no one to back me up.

Lessons learned.

I had requested to relocate to California to be with our family, three times actually – each was denied because there was no one to replace me.

From 8 PM to 3 AM With My Finger Over the “Send” Button

I remember typing up the resignation letter, it HAD to be perfect, it HAD to thank those I loved and I cared about.

It HAD to show grace, compassion, and gratitude for all the opportunities afforded to me. It HAD to be respectful, even with the mixed feeling of being undervalued, unappreciated and even treated like I hadn’t run the all the projects for the region for years as we experienced turnover after turnover after turnover.

I personally had gone through EIGHT managers in my 4 years there, and I trained 8 Project Managers – in which only 3 toughed it out, and the ones crazy enough to stay transferred to other regions.

Being twisted between the best job I’ve ever had, the best people I’d ever worked with, and the worst feeling of not being there for my family, and not being truly valued – I hovered over the “SEND” button for hours.

Torn. Broken. Excited. Crying. Laughing. I consulted my wife for reassurance.

She reassured me, that it was impossible to do this by ourselves. The one I will miss the most was a mentor to me through my career there, Wally. He ALWAYS had my back all four years, he was there to help me grow. From the first interview in Seattle area, to even this very day.

I’ve had great people who guided me along the way, Jim who talked me into applying for the Engineer position, and after the interview, I was actually promoted after 1 day to Project Manager. To the other Jim who encouraged me and showed me the ropes of the “back end” of the operations management.

To my absolute tag-team partner Shannon, she was really the only reason I lasted so long there through all the turmoil. Having the support of your direct counterpart who planned darn near every project with me, even going to the Library on Sundays to work out details because – she too was worked to the bone traveling.

I Did What I Had To Do to Live the 9010 Life

You probably know where I am going. I quit my job because I had to start valuing my time as my employer no longer did. It also gave me the opportunity to move back closer to my grandfather and the rest of my family.

I knew that it was the right thing to do, I remember not being able to sleep because I was just imagining what would be buzzing in the circles about me turning in my resignation. After-all, I was “the one” who toughed it out through it all before.

It Was One of the Hardest Decision of My Life

I also left a family behind. The teams that I worked with and so many HUNDREDS of projects and clients managed – whom both admired me and appreciated me as well, so the decision was not as simple as you might think.

What I can tell you is that I knew also at this time that there was something else calling to me.

I had been able to manage big teams in the corporate world but also had proven to myself that I could start developing teams and work on my own projects.

I had talked with so many people who could not at all comprehend HOW they could start to have other people help them with their life and their work.

To me, all of these processes I handed in the corporate world could be taught to anyone who really desired to grow a business and at the same time, have what I was about to.

The freedom to do both. The 9010 Life.

To be near family and have my own business become a success.

Living the 90 10 life is not just about playing golf or having more time to travel or just have fun – sure that might be someone’s 10% reality.

It is about working from home (or anywhere for that matter), it is about having my son come in and say, oh dad are you working with your clients today? (Which my now four-year-old son constantly asks as he tries to spy on my meetings).

This is days after moving back to be with my grandfather a few months before he passed, if I had NOT taken action, I would have never been able to get this time back.

It is about having the time to really say goodbye to my grandfather and to be there for my dad whom the same year developed cancer.

Above – my dad reunited with my son, his only grandson.

After spending the final months with my grandfather, I departed to the Philippines with my family – to achieve greatness, that he always saw in me – even when I didn’t.

This is the last time I saw my grandpa.

I know that this type of story you may have read before.

You have seen ads that tell you to just jump off that cliff take that risk and you can have it all.

I am here to tell you that taking a leap of faith does not mean not first studying how to leap and carefully examining what talents and abilities in yourself you truly have faith in.

Today, my life is truly where I thought it always could be, but the adventure continues, and I am always learning how to live my 9010 life even better and how to teach you exactly how to do it.

Above – my family on the rooftop near our Makati City, Philippines office – it’s like the Silicon Valley of Manila.

I just got my numbers back from the accountant last year – and it turns out the headline for 2016 goes a bit like this – “How I Built a Virtual Army to Make Me $5,288 A Week and Quit My 6-Figure Day Job to Travel the World with My Family” – that pretty much sums up 2016.

I have faith in myself and in my ability as a project manager to leap YOU forward in guiding you through the same EXACT systems I’ve used to delegate successfully over the years.

The challenge I faced was that as VA Staffer became larger, and I now serve 100 clients – and I’d love to take on the hundreds of applications I get every month to work with our team – it’s just impossible.

So… I’ve decided to take everything I’ve learned over the years growing my now TWO offices and 40+ virtual team – to build a completely interactive 9010 Life program on how to be an effective leader and delegate out the 90% of your life that’s sucking away your life.

It’s time to start living 100% of your life doing the 10% that’s really valuable to you….

SO, I created the 9010 Freedom Plan.

Download the 9010 Freedom Plan Now

Download the Freedom Plan and take the free live training.

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Download the 9010 Freedom Plan and start YOUR Journey, Today.

Jeff J Hunter – Outsourcing Tycoon & Founder of VA Staffer | Virtual Assistants

The 9010 Life Program

2017 Predictions: Business Marketing by Jeff J Hunter

2017 Predictions to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Business Marketing

My predictions focus on 5 main focus points:

  1. State of Live Video
  2. Social Media Usage by Companies
  3. Universities & Social Media Marketing
  4. Marketing at Live Event
  5. State of the Economy

Alright here’s my top 5 predictions:


Starting out the 2017 Predictions, I believe every platform is going to be live – live is going to be the new thing. Live video is going to be taking over, you’ve already seen Instagram Live – you see Twitter taken over with periscope and Instagram live and Facebook live – everything’s got a LIVE so you’re going to see lots more like you’re going to see a lot more pushed into live.

2) Social Media by COMPANIES

Number two you’re going to see a lot more social media engagement by companies in 2017. This is a great time for people that are in the social media marketing industry in general.

3) Universities Offering Social Media Marketing in Fall 2017

I predict in 2017 you’re going to see universities start teaching more marketing on social media.

4) Live Events with SnapChat and SMS Marketing

You’re going to see a lot more people going to events you’re going to see a lot more a SnapChat Marketing at these events you’re going to see more marketing base at these events using text message marketing at events.

5) Economy is Going to finally RECOVER in USA and ABROAD

The last one I believe that this is going to be a big turn for the economy in general in America I believe that using social media and marketing and whole is going to be going up I think that there’s going to be more reinvestment in America and I also believe that it’s going to be really great for everyone outside of America because as we grow and we strengthen its going to embolden our allies and strengthen the markets that we have.

So, 2017 predictions here by myself Jeff J Hunter see you in 2017!

God Bless and Let’s MAKE 2017 GREAT!

Start Living the #9010LIFE

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Do you think I’m right about my 2017 Predictions? Comment Below


Ultimate Stage Experience: A Reflection by Jeff J Hunter

A Reflection from the Ultimate Stage Experience: Recap Video


First off, let me start by saying a 3 letter word that sums up the Ultimate Stage Experience – “WOW“.

The crew of Serious Take Productions are really a class act. I was honored to invited to speak as the sponsor of the VIP Luncheon with the “who’s who” of the event, it was a great event overall with around 100 people from the attendees to the dozen or so speakers.

The Crew put together this amazing video to highlight what VA Staffer is all about at the Ultimate Stage Experience:

The “Public” Life and Why the Ultimate Stage Experience?

That is just the beginning of the story of the Ultimate Stage Experience. You see, this was also my first ever “Live Event” that I sponsored. There’s a reason, not because I wanted to make new business (which of course we always do but it wasn’t my main goal – I didn’t even bring a business card!) but because I wanted to support a great team and take the plunge into the next realm of my own personal development.

It all starts on how I MET Tamara Thompson (at least virtually). So I’m a huge fan of the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast and John Lee Dumas and lo-and-behold Tamara was on his show explaining how she took her passion and made it into a career. She also spoke on the podcast episode how she found strategies to get people’s attention, connect with them, and offer them something of value with the intent to build valuable partnerships and relationships with them (even if you have to work for them for free at first!)

It inspired me.

I really felt that I had a connection with Tamara at that moment and it actually was the first time I realized the power that a podcast could have on a listener. Through the podcast I was so intrigued with her story, her mission, her struggles, her dedication that I ended up taking her quote, putting it into a picture quote using a cool tool called Stencil and then posting it to her Facebook page with a cool note how she inspired me. Minutes later, she was messaging me and we were already putting her own words to use by me living her words through my actions.

Here is the result:

Tamara Thompson Quote Entrepreneur on Fire

Not long after our Facebook chat we were already having my assistant Cavika set up a call to discuss a partnership of our own.

Video is a powerful Platform

Now, I knew right away that Tamara was going to be a stellar contact for me because she’s in the business of telling stories and helping other people tell their stories. You see, up until I launched my own Jeff J Hunter website, I had operated as the face of my company VA Staffer but wasn’t working very hard to develop my own brand. What you’re going to get here on my website is my own journey, my whole experience from start to finish – so this blog is really about the “Start” of my public life. The way to do that is through events, and video. Business is about people, and from the video I showed earlier, I stand by my words- “the one thing you can’t outsource is relationships.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”The one thing you can’t outsource is relationships. – Jeff J Hunter ” quote=”The one thing you can’t outsource is relationships. – Jeff J Hunter “]

So I made an investment in my relationship building in real life (IRL), and by stepping up the connections I made with people through the strongest platform there is virtually – video.

This year, I was super happy to have hired Devon, my videographer – who’s been working really hard to document my journey through video. We shot this video recap of the event here and Devon (Mr Video himself) masterfully edited it:

I’ve Realized that I HAVE to Come Out of My Shell

Over the years, I have become very comfortable in just doing a call or an email. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always preferred face-to-face meetings over other forms of interactions with fellow humans – BUT that is in a different arena. You see, doing outsourcing with virtual assistants has been a HOBBY of mine that I developed over the past four years, it wasn’t something that I really thought would turn into something so grandiose.

I never in my LIFE thought, that I would be traveling to the OPPOSITE side of the world to build relationships with such amazing people like this:

Jeff J Hunter & VA Staffer Team

Before I became the “Outsourcing Tycoon” I was an IT Administrator & Project Manager for the past 10 years. I LOVE technology, it’s absolutely exhilarating to me, and I’ve always been doing web development projects since before I was out of high-school, all through college… even during every career in my life. It’s been a HUGE passion for me.

I am a CREATOR. There’s something special about that feeling when something you thought of becomes a reality.

[clickToTweet tweet=”I am a CREATOR. There’s something special about that feeling when something you thought of becomes a reality.” quote=”I am a CREATOR. There’s something special about that feeling when something you thought of becomes a reality.”]

Many years ago, I began looking for help virtually – before the invent of the “gig” economy that’s now online with places like “Upwork” and “Fiverr” which by the way – good luck if you can find anyone ACTUALLY useful and RELIABLE on there anymore.

I never thought that the skills I had gained over the years of IT and Project Management would lead me to the day where I’m a sought after expert in Virtual Team Building.

Ultimate Stage Experience and Why I Saw HUGE Value in the Event:

I really wanted to prove to my own self internally that I could interact outside of a boardroom with executives planning out their multi-million dollar projects (which is what I’m comfortable doing as a Project Manager)

The event had around 100 people including some really great speakers like these guys (Matt Maddix and his son Caleb Maddix) along with Amy Yamada, American Idolist Jessica Rose, and SO many more.

By the way if you haven’t seen my blog >> how I reached hundreds if not thousands on Snapchat with that filter I made myself and promoted for only $18.16 cents. << You should.

Ultimate Stage Experience Speakers & Artists

The connections from these live events are really insane, as an inbound marketing agency I don’t even spend a single penny on advertising. All the traffic I get from my website is gained from good old fashioned WORK on internet realm by creating great content, getting the word out and PROMOTING LIKE HELL on social media.

In Closing

I was truly inspired by the speakers, I was moved by the stories. More and more the importance of story telling – the ability to build a connection with people and relate to them, is a CRITICAL part of ANY business, not just theirs. It’s MY story, it’s YOUR story.

Now go out there and be great.

Jeff J Hunter Signature

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Passion Over Platform: Casual Business Episode 1

The very first episode of Casual Business with Jeff J Hunter and Quynh Yamamoto

Passion Over Platform with Quynh Yamamoto

Grab a cup of coffee and join us. Live here at Starbucks (Starby’s as my family calls it) where we’ve commandeered the largest table ungraciously for our efforts!

Background: Quynh and I have been doing some fun things together “virtually” via Facebook. We’ve been on each other’s Facebook live streams, we’ve participated in all sorts of conversations in a few private Facebook Groups with our favorite top doll Diana Mae Fernandez. Quynh is super passionate about using social media to build relationships and she has hundreds of viewers every live stream because she always provides really valuable insight and inspiration to her viewers.

We’ve been talking about doing a live “show” together for the past few months her living about an hour or so north of me in Sacramento, and we both decided we wanted to talk about something we’re both passionate about – relationships and how to effectively communicate on Social Media.

Casual Business is a show about talking business in a casual way. The show is fun, lighthearted but full of business.

On to the show!



Jeff J Hunter (Referred to as Jeff) – I’ve made some serious investments in my own so just to grow who I am so I can build relationships with other people. You know I think that for me I have found that you know I need to start making better connections because I’m a very structured person and I like to have A project manager by trade. So what I do. I like to assess how things are going and how they work and then I start like breaking it down to the process level like how can I do this or what can I change or what can I am through process now. But I found over the years that I had to put more focus on the value of the relationship.

Quynh Yamamoto (Referred to as Quynh) – Yes

Jeff – So that’s what we were talking about relationships. Tell me how you infuse relationships into what you do?

Quynh – Yes. So in the beginning when I learned about Business, I mean it’s like you have to kinda  know what your message is but then you  don’t wanna be all Sales when helping somebody. So I think there’s like this In-between Art thing. It’s like you have to know who you are and where you’re going, as long as you know that, that will kind of go through your message if that makes sense . It’s a normal thing to ask what are you all about? Right? but then you’re really focused on getting to know that person. So that’s the thing that come about one of the, a mentor that I can look up to she says Play Curious George. Be curious about people. Know your worth know what have. That’s took me a while to get but once you know what you have you can have a conversation with someone. Just be curious about that because you know you have to offer.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Play Curious George. Be curious about people. Know your worth know what have.” quote=”Play Curious George. Be curious about people. Know your worth know what have.” theme=”style6″]

Jeff – That’s powerful. What’s interesting is one of my clients who’s also a mentor to me His name’s Wes, The Sales Whisperer. Shout out! You know he told me some advice for when I go to any event. He said you should be interested in people because people like to feel interesting. So if you’re truly genuinely interested in what someone else is doing then they’re going to think that you are also interesting. Right?

Quynh – Yes.

Jeff – So it’s about their relationships. How many times have you. Been on social media and the very first thing somebody does is it’s like hit you up and say “Hey, by how you look… here’s a link” and you’re like “Argh…no thanks”.  You know, DELETE!

Quynh: I know, exactly right, I mean if you guys experience that take that as a lesson like well that’s like what not to do. Right?  and this person just probably knew because we were all there at some point like drastic “Argh.. you guys!”

Jeff – So they’re are always about selling selling.

Quynh – So I mean you’re excited but you don’t even know where this person at? What if they don’t want your service? What if they’re not in a place to really open up and have a kind of conversation with you. So I’m enjoying the process and I’m enjoying the relations that I have and I know it’s of Value. So Interview your Potential Clients, customers.

Jeff – True. And you don’t know what stage they’re in exactly.

Quynh – Exactly

Jeff: But you do know that relationships are vital and it could turn into something fruitful. You know funny interesting story I’ve actually had relationship that didn’t work out. A very interesting business relationship that I had brought someone in and he’s a lifestyle entrepreneur and he’s really a great guy and honestly I admire him a lot for what he does as a sales coach as well. He and I really clicked. We put a project together for him and It was going really well and then some things just started you know going bad and It was just, It was really a failure of communication more than anything and kind of like expectations and I just said you know what “ This isn’t working” and he obviously he knew it wasn’t working. And I just wanted to beat him to the punch and say look “Let’s just forget the projects. You know I’m just going to,  I’m going to give you your money back and all that and you know I value the relationship that we have because I respect you as a person and I want to build our relationship and we had a salty problem here but  I don’t want that to affect our relationship”. So I tried to make everything right. Well funny enough, Years later that person comes back to me says you know what I’ve done other things. I’ve worked with other people.  Some have mixed results some good some bad but he never had that experience like he had with me where I genuinely cared about what he was doing and that was a return business. He came back and we had a successful project afterwards because he knew that I cared. I wasn’t just out to get his money. You know I really genuinely cared about the project. And I think that whatever business you’re in you can apply that relationship building mentality to what you do. Everything else falls into place.

Quynh – Now I know that everyone is different but there’s just something about relationships because like what you said it sounds like you have, it doesn’t work out in that round, like you still care enough to focus on It. They will feel like “Oh WOW, it really wasn’t all about Business” so that’s what it’s all about so.

Jeff – Let’s talk about social media. That’s what you’re good at!

Quynh – Our Favorite! Dang! With me, You know we’re all still learning. But I’ll talk about the newture about

Jeff – Let’s talk about it..

Quynh – how are you able to build relationships and do

Jeff – There’s that relationships again. There we are.

Quynh – Well I’ll just talk my experience, I like doing stuff because LinkedIn just has that feature of Going Live.

Jeff – What?

Quynh – Yeah

Jeff – I thought LinkedIn was only just for like influencers. Are they rolling that out to the public now?

Quynh – No, it’s been out in the Public.

Jeff – Really?  I am behind the eight ball. Like I got a lot of connections

Quynh – I left LinkedIn too because it’s like “Argh” too professional or whatever, I don’t know.

Jeff – You can’t you can’t post your hate mail on there.

Quynh – you cannot, Yeah you know. No it was very professional like that for a little bit but then I came back and like it was another platform. It’s another free Platform with like people are looking for opportunities they love,

Jeff – Nothing’s Free. They get ya. They just released the new training. They have Linkedin training now. They just

Quynh – really?

Jeff – LinkedIn just bought which was the biggest training platform online. Period.

Quynh – I didn’t even know about that.

Jeff – So now they rolled it into their own Linkedin professional training package , anyway that’s another topic.  Social media!

Quynh – Social Media. Back on Social Media Live right? You see all these other Platforms trying to go Live. I don’t know if there was anything Live before periscope but that was my first exposure to live broadcasting and because in the past you know you kind of see posting of quote things like that.

Jeff – I think they were the very first like mainstreaming.

Quynh – Yes, yeah I agree but when I saw that my brain just went like this because I watched other influencors how they were using it but then I think my mind was going a thousand miles because like that, because you can literally turn into anything that you want and if there’s people interacting with you, there’s a relationship being established already.

Jeff – Right.

Quynh – Even though you’re not seeing their face, because they’re following you every time you hop on, you’re building your relationship with them.

Jeff – I like the way that Periscope has like the live over the video thing. That’s the one thing I don’t like that much about the Facebook. I feel the Facebook Live Chat, they’re probably going to have to

Quynh – They’re going to, they’re going to fix it.

Jeff –  because to me it’s just like “Nah”,  it’s like you know like it’s, especially on Facebook business pages like Whiteboard Wednesday I go live Wednesday night. I constantly have to go live using the studio app and then I have to use my mobile device to look at there and then when I go to look at my stream it’s playing on there already it’s like they should have an easy way for businesses to Go Live and actually communicate with people live without having to have Two different apps and a computer open and mess with this and that you know I think that they’re a little behind on that. So what do you think LinkedIn is going to do for the actual live community because it is a professional network.

Quynh – It is so I think people are going to stay professional but they’re able to Let’s  just say OK that they’re doing open house for real estate or something. I think they’re able to use it for that. Or like while they’re doing something like a business event. It would obviously to promote their business.

Jeff – Like this. Well they could do something like this.

Quynh – That’s what I’m thinking yeah like this. Yeah.

Jeff – This is professional!

Quynh – We’re at Starbucks but we’re not like

Jeff – we’re casually professional.

Quynh – we’re sitting down

Jeff – Business Casual

Quynh –  having a conversation

Jeff – Starbucks Casual.

Quynh – yeah Starbucks casual. Starbys! Well yeah, With the whole thing you just said When I go on Live I’m really intentional I want to help people develop themselves to deal with that fear and put their message out there.

And so – the Casual Business Show was Created.

Jeff – So let’s talk about that you know when you go Live, usually have like something in your mind like “oh that’s what I’m going to do” or like do you just like wing  it every time? Do you have like, do you go throughout your day like write down things you wanna talk about. What’s your tips?

Quynh –  I’ve done all of that and I think the best way is does count to be prepared but sometimes there’s moments where you experience something and you’re like I need to capture this person right here. I’ve done it was like no I need to prepare “Oh my gosh” and then it goes away a little bit but I think if you can just keep those topics that you want talk about bring that passion. You’ve got to capture that.

Jeff – Sometimes your brain just is really on a roll and you’re like I got to get it.

Passion over Platform

Quynh – And your passion wins over everything and that’s what I’ve experienced. That’s what I experienced. But then It helps when you have like kind of a structure to it too, like just topics and I’ve tried doing the script thing too and that’s distracting a little bit like doing things, like I’m not able to engage and respond back to the people that comments are coming from.

Jeff – Yeah, like people can tell right. Like people can tell it’s not authentic, it’s scripted and I also like the fact that I mean because I see when you’re going Live and you have a lot of followers and stuff. It always like you go live you’ve got like five people like “yay” you know for me I’m like you know, a little more of the doldrums.

Quynh – We all started there.

Jeff – Yeah. Well I only have like 300 friends on Facebook so

Quynh – that’s where we all started.

Jeff –  My Twitter following is bigger it’s like Seven Thousand but I don’t even use Periscope after what I’m hearing today, I probably should right? Because I mean Periscope kind of pops out into the Twitter field and my Twitter is a lot bigger but…

Quynh – yeah

Jeff – I really need to look at the Linkedin  now because my LinkedIn is really where I get a lot of attraction like I posted my blog posts on there and I get lots of views and of course I’m talking more about like professional product management style. So even for me maybe, I need to look into that because I know that my Facebook posts are getting a lot of views but I feel like I get more interaction on LinkedIn.

Quynh – Well then, there you go. Got to explore that.

Jeff – I guess it depends on what market you’re trying to reach, right?

Quynh – Yeah that too because each one has a different feel to it but I think overall. I think passion wins over everything. If you can show your passion, If you can structure your passion if that make sense.

Jeff – Let’s talk about the social media feuds because now you’ve got Snapchat you’ve got Instagram which is obviously trying to make a big play on Snapchat and you’ve got Facebook who has Instagram now and then Facebook did an offer for Snap Chat & Snapchat said “Nay”

Quynh – I just heard that on the way coming over here.

Jeff – Now you know what do you think, well you know what do you see like if we’re to put like, let’s get the ring out, put it, put the mat down, put the ropes and we put a couple of contenders in there. You got Facebook messenger right slash Instagram versus Snapchat where are we at?

Quynh – My Goodness! That’s a great question. That is tough..

Jeff – That is tough! Because I still think they’re really different demographic

Quynh – They are! And I think well each one capitalize on a certain function that people enjoy so much like the Snapchat where people can just bust out their phone like and can snap something real quick.

Jeff – Oh and you got to love all those little augmentation too..

Quynh –  That’s why I think Snapchat can stick around for a really long time. People are just catching up to it including my own, including my self.

Jeff – Me too, me too.. I think that each generation has to be really younger generation like the tweens on Snapchat and then now it’s like older people getting in their more adult..

Quynh – Yes

Jeff –  And I think that all the platforms are actually growing. In average age because I think it was genuinely fun. And this is what I was trying to say before to people like social media was not created to sell your product. It was created to forge relationships and to have fun acting and connect people and communicate with people in a different  microscosmic  level.

Quynh –  Yeah.

Jeff – You know it’s really especially snapshot where you can only do 10 second clips and they only last for 24 hours. Yeah you miss your message. You know you don’t log on to somebody snap chat and see what to do for the day.

Quynh – Right.

Jeff – You don’t see it.

Quynh – So each one has their own feature so it’s kind of hard bike and like Snapchat has extended where you can call and stuff like that too. So there’s those features too…

Jeff – My mom called me on it too…

Quynh – Yeah, So there’s definitely features that they’re all doing like the calling stuff and the messaging to get the message out to each other but I don’t know…

Jeff – I feel they’re all kind of implementing features that each of the other ones wish they had..

Quynh – Yeah

Jeff – Like now like Instagram they launched out the news stories right? And I feel like it was launched too right after that infamous turn down on the buy for Snapchat. Instagram was like “OK well, we don’t need snap chat we’re going to create our own”. Bam!

Quynh –  Bam!

Jeff – Right? then and there we just go ahead and rock it out.

Quynh –Exactly and  I see people on social media Promoting their other social media like Diana  I know she’ll see this but..

Jeff – Queen D? She’ll see this…

Quynh – yeah, she’ll do a snap chat and she’ll make it interesting what you want to go see what she just talked about on Facebook Live or Periscope. Some people go to it so it’s all driving traffic here

Jeff – Ah.. so she is funneling stuff to her social medias

Quynh – is using those social medias to do other social medias. She is using Social Media to drive traffic to her other Social Medias. She’s kind of like building momentum.

Quynh – So for those of you or people who are in business it’s all about driving traffic. And to capitalize on the free social media and capitalize on what each feature and what it does. Definitely a quick thing to check in on someone you can quickly put out a little message out there for someone and take a look at something or whatever.

Jeff – Yeah yeah.

Quynh – And then the longer contents of XXXXXXX like the YouTube or your website

Jeff – Right

Quynh – But that’s the what I’m getting so far. I just, you are missing out if you’re not doing mine because there’s interaction there. Yes, you see you’re seeing the expression and people trust you more because it’s like almost like they’re here but just on the phone..

Jeff – Well the idea is…

Quynh – I’m excited. You know that’s my thing.

Jeff – I think that video in general is the future. I think video is an easy way for you to build a relationship with someone before you meet them.  A lot of times when I go out to places where I’m connecting with people connect with me on email or they message me, they feel like they already know who I am because the introductions are no longer like, they’re not like formal introductions where I don’t like “Hey really just saw your video, Really love It” you know “just love your passion the same way I connect with you” right? Like a month or so ago,  it was like man I can sense the passion. We’re in the Dols mastermind group and we’re talking about just the passion that you have to kind of exude in what you do and how that really drives everything. That’s why you’re Quynh for the Win you know , it’s like you’re all about that winning positive attitude you know and it’s just like  bleeds out of your vein man….

Quynh – I appreciate that so this like the confirmation, I just want the message out there for people like forget about all the hiccups and stuff. People will catch your emotion in action over Anything and that’s something I experience.

Jeff – So I think the moral lesson for today then is Play Curious George. Be curious about people. Know your worth know what have.. It’s Passion over platform.  Now we got something that we can claim. #that….#PassionOverplatform.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Play Curious George. Be curious about people. Know your worth know what have. #PassionOverPlatform” quote=”Play Curious George. Be curious about people. Know your worth know what have. #PassionOverPlatform” theme=”style6″]

Quynh – I want to ask you a question , what do have to say to people about being mindful of what you post?

Jeff – I love to offend people. I love it. I don’t consider myself a troll. I’m no Milo but I do believe that the most valuable thing that we have as human beings is freedom of expression. And I think that whether you agree with me or not, that is totally up to you and that’s totally fine but I do not apologize for offending you. So social media it’s the same concept online as it is offline. Are you embracing people or are you encouraging conversations or are you blocking people? it’s the same way people always say “oh I can’t stand it what so ad so said and I blocked him or, In another realm it’s like I encourage people to offer all sorts of different value and different angles to whatever I’m talking about. You know and I know it kind of got on the political spectrum  but I think that especially close the elections here right. I think that a lot of people have that on the minds. I think that is long as you’re respectful and you’re using logic you’re not bashing people and you’re getting different viewpoints I think it’s very important for us as a society unfolds to to listen to other people. We can disagree but you do need to at least respect people’s decisions even if they’re wrong. In a lot of people they don’t like to hear that they’re wrong. I’m the same way. Right? We love you right. We are the right economy. We are the right person. We are always right on everything. So I think that if we if we show some humility and show people respect it’s trying to be compassionate and understanding about what their belief is.

Quynh – Awesome, thanks for answering that question.

Jeff – That was a long line… (laughs)

Quynh – That was like just on small question but yeah…

Jeff – yeah..

Quynh -I just want to encourage people to be mindful of what they’re posting, right? I mean there are some things I would love to repost but it’s not on the line of my messaging and I think you’re saving yourself time and other people time if you just think true who you are and then the right person will reach out to you or you will connect with the right person because you are true to who you are.

Jeff – I agree!

Quynh – It’s like this funnel right? There’s  relationships everything and …

Jeff – They don’t teach you this stuff in school.

Quynh – OK, here we go, school thing! There’s just a few Pillars of people in your life that’s really in the line of where you wanna go and that’s what you really want. I think you should feel good. That’s life. People bring you value business or non-business whatever. I mean that and that’s living with abundance.

Jeff – Living with Abundance!

Quynh -That’s a word that’s going on the whole year for me too. Living with Abundance.

Jeff- Positive people surrounding yourself. Getting rid of the negativity that you talk about that a lot of your Live Stream that you have a lot of negativity in your life and you’re trying to just, cut it out.

Quynh – Like you’re allergic to it but then you say bye to it a nice graceful way

Jeff – and when it’s going to end it could be like Radiation therapy where you kind of zap it and then it starts coming back and you like “Hmmm hmmm” and then you have to go back in there again and zap it but you know in reality you know I think that we only have so many years on this or you know could be today could be tomorrow could be 50 60 70 80?My grandfather just passed away this year. 93. If you ever make it to 93? Boy you have made it.

Quynh – Oh Goodness…

Jeff – My grandma is 89 and let me tell you know the stories that they tell, they’re just Amazing! The real struggles that they had here we are in America where poor is a Smartphone, a car, a refrigerator. My team in the Philippines I have 42 people with the Philippines. 42 people total. Most of them think, they travel to three hours to get to my office every day five days a week.  Eight hours a day and they know struggle and they provide for their sisters their mothers their brothers their parents their grandparents. This is like really. Real I mean people talk about the struggle is real here in America. No it’s not. Sure, in America, We have addictions do we deal with you. We do have pretty rough things but you know in all actuality Poor in America compared to the world is so wealthy. Having a roof like it not and not just leaves but a roof. Right outside my office in Makati City there is what we call squatters. You know squatters ? You’ve heard of it, squatters are people that literally don’t own anything. They’re kind of like transients but they actually make Dwelling’s there. And in those places like the Philippines they don’t have Police to come by and force people out. They just don’t have the manpower or there’s just so many people that don’t have places to live. They’re just stuck with it & they have to accept. So there’s literally Little cities that are grown that are just, Buildings that have been burned down or attaching to a giant concrete fence and just building out to the side of it.  You know in Mexico they call them like Barrios. It’s how a lot of the World lives in America does not even know what that’s like. Sacramento has that camp right, and that would be luxury in that camp with water fountains with clean water with a place to go to the restroom and showers. That would be heaven been sent for the people in other countries.

Quynh – We have to be grateful and we forget that we could always be worse.

Jeff – We have to thank God every day for the Blessings we have.

Quynh – Exactly and I kind of want to like because of social media there’s access to information so you know it’s you know you have a problem you could go online and find out information.

Jeff – That’s right. And even in the absence of information.

Quynh – Even in those poor areas in the Philippines you know you can get a SIM card on a Chinese Smartphone that is really cheap and most people even for the Philippines have smartphones and guess what? they have the Internet because Smart, Globe, which are carriers over there offer free Facebook.

Quynh – Oh WOW!

Jeff – Did you know that I communicate more with my team in the Philippines on Facebook than anything else because they don’t have to pay for Internet. That it’s included because they have their own version of Facebook that has ads in ads and things like that too. It pays for itself and they can communicate. And whenever they have tycoon’s and things like that they actually have a button check in so-and-so and say. .. They have that kind of technology. We live in a world where this is the coming technology and entrepreneurship and innovation they actually change lives for the better. And that’s why it’s so important that we don’t stifle creativity and innovation. We must be rewarding our entrepreneurs. If you come up with a fantastic innovation you come up with a fantastic idea, they need to get paid because the more those people get paid the more they’re able to get that Ferrari. The more dreaming is going to happen. Those kids when they get up in the morning when they’re kids and they’re the three four five six seven years old, what did you think you were going to do when you’re a kid do you think you’re going to be President? Astronaut? Firefighter? What? Seriously what did you think you were?

Quynh – Me?

Jeff –  Yeah everyone has a fantasy when you’re kid. What did you think you’re gonna be? Be Honest.

Quynh – No I’m trying to. I think for me…(thinks)

Jeff-  You have one. That’s my point. Now some point in time from here to here as the life skill goes up your dreams totally, you lower your own bar. I think throughout life because you’re so riddled with disappointment in yourself and others around you and you’re told negativity that you can do it so that eventually you lower the bar. You don’t want to do this. You don’t think you can do it. You might want to still do it, you forget it. You forgot your dream already.

Quynh – Now it’s coming out. Now I’m an entrepreneur and its coming out…

Jeff – Now your new dream is connecting with people. Now what’s your new dream?

Quynh – So One thing that came out of the closet when I discovered that things could be possible and I remember trying to apply to Peace Corp or something and then I want to help the Rural Countries like actually experiencing what it really is, how it really is another country where they need help. I think during that time I don’t know a Hurricane? it was something that I saw myself jumping out of the country just to experience that. So that was my dream honestly.

Jeff – That’s  great. Very altruistic dream of helping people.

Quynh – Helping people and I just didn’t think it was possible for us when it started going in the closet like all of this because I don’t know how that’s going to happen and then I saw the Myself, my parents and everyone around me and that was that was my Life. You can be successful with going to school, going to college.

Jeff – See for me I’ve always liked, I’ve always really felt passionate about helping People. Whether it’s a business man or in another country whatever. That’s one of the joys that I have every day when I wake up. I know that my team that I support all throughout the world right now not only do I support all these crazy entrepreneurs because their minds are, they’re messed up…

Quynh – I can relate to you…

Jeff – Like I said that you know that squirrel syndrome with shiny objects. It’s just unbelievable how I can help them bring clarity to their life their focus and then my team in the Philippines, It’s such a life changer. You know the average person in the Philippines makes like $2 a day. So when I’m paying them like more than double that, an hour. Then it’s like,  it’s life changing, like generational wealth changing and no one in their family before they worked for me have made this much money. It’s just such a huge, Huge Impact and you know a lot of my team they call me Popsie Jay. Popsie means like  like a father or mentor type figure. It’s like being here you know and they trust me a lot. I built that relationship.

Quynh – Wow!

Jeff – Most of my team have worked with me for almost two years. You know Rhodora, who’s my main manager in the Philippines worked with me over two years. I think the average you know, I’ve only been in business for three years.

Quynh – And how did you find them?

Jeff – They find me usually..

Quynh – but it was through social media, yeah?

Jeff – Oh you know what, in the beginning it was tough. It was like Social media definitely, a lot of them find me on social media but you know a lot of them through Facebook. I think in the Philippines when you are when you have a good rapport with them as a provider and a great boss. You know, I’m not want to float my boat here but I know I’m probably at least top 10 percent good bosses in the world.

Quynh – Now, I mean why  you provided…

Jeff – I’m probably too nice my wife tells me that I’m too nice and I had to hire consultants to help me not be so nice…

Quynh – That I have to learn the balance of being too nice but like you know…

Jeff- Yeah because you get taken advantage off…

Quynh – Yeah yeah yeah… you want to Be respected.

Jeff – Right, yeah like you know the saying between do you want to be loved or feared. You have to find a very interesting balance behind there because if people aren’t the people don’t think that you know there’s they don’t think there’s any repercussions for you know showing up to work late or whatever. It does make a big difference. It does make a big difference but you also have to have that trusting loving feeling with people so that they understand that they can be open with you and that they get you care about them. My team knows that I care about them. You know they’re not a paycheck. You know they’re really are it’s like a family. I’ve been to the Philippines a number of times. My wife and I just came back from there in June and we spent a whole month with a team developing them, going on trips. We all went bowling and you know it’s experiences that they don’t ever get to have before this job …

Quynh – Definitely and just oh yeah anyway because like… The World can use more Leaders or people who care like that. That’s so huge.

Jeff – I think most entrepreneurs have that. I think most  entrepreneurs are like me but I don’t think that they’ve been able to unleash that they don’t have focus and attention that’s required to get there like I had a really hard time, I went to school full time. I was always I always had a job since I can remember. I’ve always had two jobs since I can remember. Yeah and you know even this company myself it was a fun hobby. I wasn’t expecting it to turn into anything Great and here it is something where I get live wholeheartedly passionate about and I just get to just tell people about it. I don’t even have to sell it. Like people just hear me talk about it and they’re like “Yes, Yes, do that for me”.

Quynh –That is a good point to bring up, just having conversations and being passionate about what you do..

Jeff- There it is, Passion Over Platform !

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