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You’ve Been Challenged! 14-Day Business Freedom Challenge

14-Day Business Freedom Challenge

Do you want to join over 300 people who have accepted the challenge to organize their businesses in 14 days?

Do you have your business systematized so that someone else can run it for you? Are you unable to delegate important tasks to a Virtual Assistant because you don’t have the processes in place? Maybe you just want to get more done, or focus on the parts of your business you ACTUALLY LOVE?

ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE! This will start Tomorrow! Monday, August 21st! If you cannot take action and hold yourself accountable then don’t bother clicking.

If you “REALLY” want take action to organize your business sign up here:

I’ll get you on board with the worksheet and challenge accountability group! There’s a Facebook group set up, with daily motivation, support and even guests to have fun, drop value and keep us going!

Losing Clients Online Because You Aren’t Organized?

Are you wasting valuable clients online? Have you ever lost a client because they slipped through the cracks? 

We all know how important it is to be organized ? in our business.

It’s hard to be on top of your game if you don’t have a streamlined process to streamline new sales while keeping your existing clients happy.

You might have said, “what should the process look like, where do I start?”

Learning the hard way or “figuring it out” requires so much time and energy…..

I’m very excited to announce that I’m adding something new and exciting coming to the 9010 Life Program for all 60+ existing pilot members:

In this 6-week 9010 Life Program you will:

➡️Week 1: Learn how to create a structure outlining the operations of your business.

Freedom Plan
Determine which tasks you need to handle and which would be better off outsourced.
Automated Sales Strategy
Time-Management Hacks

➡️Week 2: Creating Your Sales Pipeline

Over-The-Shoulder Sales Pipeline Building
Personalized Sales Automation
Mind-Blowing Customer Experience with integrated calendar

➡️Week 3: Getting Out of Your Own Way: Business Freedom

Priorities & Strategy Mindset
Create Freedom Recipes AKA “Standard Operating Procedures” (or just cheat and use/modify proven copy-paste ones)
Free Recipe Workshops: learn from others, and we work together to build out yours

➡️Week 4: Mastery of Delegation for the Virtual CEO

Benefits of Delegation
Mastery of Delegation Step I
Mastery of Delegation Step II
Levels & Styles of Delegation for Successful Remote Team Leadership.

➡️Week 5: Project Management for Successful Virtual Teams

Virtual Team Management Tools
Business Architecture
Solving Problems as a Team
Maximum Productivity & Accountability for Virtual Teams
Business Architecture

➡️Week 6: Building Your Virtual Team to Run it FOR

The “Perfect” Job Description
Building an eager team that want you to shine
Your First Virtual Team Hire
Your business on autopilot

It’s time to get your business organized, automated, and then delegated to run FOR YOU, so you’re not losing clients online.

That is the 9010 Life.

PS. Did I mention there will be WEEKLY workshops to get you through the 6-Weeks as quickly as possible to have REAL freedom in your business?

STOP Losing Clients Online.

Register for the FREE 9010 Life Webinar and Get Started Now!

Clients Online Not Worth Losing 9010 Life

Goal Setting Template | SECRET BENEFITS of MICRO GOALS

To achieve some focus and clarity when setting goals, our SMART Goal Setting Template is there to assist you. Goals are achieved, by first possessing an idea of what it is you want to attain success at. Also, you must deduce the tasks necessary to achieve those goals. Thankfully the 90/10 Life is here to teach you how to successfully delegate 90% of the tasks. Yet, you need to insert that 10% in presenting clarity for your objectives to be accomplished.

What separates someone who achieves goals and who doesn’t? Discipline

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” -Pablo Picasso

Indeed it is impertinent to decide what is important to you. It is also important that you resolve to take the steps required to make these goals, your realities. Without clearly stated goals, you will have no sure guarantee that your efforts are worth the time you’ll invest. Needless to say, you need to set goals which serve to guide you onto that route to success.

If you’re passionate about living the 90/10 Life, you already know that you need to delegate so you can focus on that 10% which matters most. Consequently, you must provide guidelines, such as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Your virtual team will need your SOP to achieve the results which you deem achievable. Use of the SMART goal analysis can help you to formulate goals which are achievable.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie

What is the SMART Micro Goal Setting Template?

To ensure you remain on point while setting goals, utilize SMART goals.

SMART translates to Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-bound goals. When formulating a goal, apply the implications of these terms to the desired goals. Then ensure that something is done every day which helps to achieve these goals. The goal setting template guides you to formulating micro goals of your own.

You don’t attain long-term goals by waiting for something to happen. You work toward achieving them by setting several micro goals. The completion of all these micro-goals consequently result is the accomplishment of the goal in its entirety. Doing so might just leave you in a daze of satisfaction as you tick off all the tasks on your list of tasks to accomplish.

You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential.” -Steve Garvey

The goal setting template is there to help you to organize your goals. That way, you can focus on accomplishing the main goal. This list of micro goals will spur your forward with every tick you insert next to the goals you accomplish. As a result, goals which were once seemingly out of reach come within grasp.

The Secret Benefits of Micro Goals

Each micro goal achieved brings you one step closer to achieving the major goal – clear visual evidence that you are moving forward. The secret of setting micro-goals refers to their benefits with regards to attaining your major goals. There are numerous benefits to setting micro-goals utilizing the micro goal setting template. The micro goal setting template allows you to focus on specific outcomes and helps you to formulate useful micro goals. The secret benefits of the micro goals you set would include:

Micro Goals Are Attainable

In comparison to major goals, micro goals appear easily attainable. For example, my goal was to post one thing on Facebook for thirty days. With each day which proceeded after I wrote that goal, I ensured that I found something noteworthy to post. I did this every day, for thirty days. Would you believe it – Facebook noticed and congratulated me for having posted something each day for 30 days. That felt great.

Micro Goals Serve As Fuel

Micro goals help to set the pace thus creating a healthy source of motivation. With each micro goal accomplished you get one step closer to achieving your major goal. Additionally, it is simply an energizing feeling to know that we all have the potential for attaining success at the major goals we set.

Micro Goals Serve As Nesting

Micro goals provide the nesting place necessary to support your major goals. Imagine an egg on a hard surface without the support of soft nesting. A strong gust could easily carry that egg off in any direction toward an uncertain end. Micro goals provide security and direction thus keeping your major goal within reach.

The 3 P’s of Goal Setting

Have you decided to write your goals and the micro goals which accompany them? After you decide to utilize the micro goal setting template you must also incorporate Tracy’s – The 3 Ps of Goal Setting. Ensure that:

  • Your Goals are written in the Present tense. You want to see actions to start on this goal from today. These goals should be written beginning with, I want to achieve this goal by a given time frame.
  • Your Goals are Personal. Although you may need others to accomplish various micro goals, they do so at your request. Such goals should be stating that I want to have such a person accomplish such a goal by a set date.
  • Your goals must be Positive. This simply means that your goal must be one which facilitates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Consequently, when you review those goals and work at them daily, you become a part of the top 1%. The time to act is now. Use the goal setting template to help you identify your SMART goals.

The goal setting template is here to assist you in delegating effectively.

Delegation is Key to the 90/10 Life

Remain mindful that, the key to benefiting from the 90/10 Life Principle is to systematize and delegate. You do not possess the skills which are necessary to accomplish ALL the micro goals which help make that great goal possible. Therefore it is to your benefit to consider utilizing the skills and talents of others to achieve your micro goals.

Also, remember that their actions must be in accordance with your vision. After all, the micro goals which you have written provide the road map to your success. For this reason, sound instructions are necessary to provide clarity to those who have been assigned the tasks. In such a case, a clear and concise SOP is the most valuable asset to your virtual assistant.

In the virtual world, visual learning is the predominant learning style for most virtual assistants. Therefore, you need to utilize software which can help you to convey your vision. A video is a vital element for rapid transfer while also providing the detail which written or audio media lack. There are several apps available which can assist this process.

Apps such as TinyTake and ScreenFlow can assist in video capture. Thus helping your virtual assistant to see your process. Also, if you wish to prepare a SOP document, screen shots are a tremendous help to visual learners. Consequently, it is important that you set clear directives for the micro goals which you virtual assistant is responsible for.

Sign-Up for the FREE 90/10 Life Workshop to learn more.

How to Be a Confident Leader vs A Know-it-All Boss

Being a confident leader is perceived based on who you are and not necessarily by what you do. If it is your goal to become a confident leader, you must first recognize this call to action. Sadly, who you are is determined by the habits which you choose to cultivate. Therefore, if you practice habits which help you to become a beacon of light and inspiration, then the people who spend time with you will see this. If you choose to develop counterproductive habits, then, people will rate your quality of leadership based on how they see you. They will judge and respond to your leadership based on your behavior, regardless what you say or do.

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” –Douglas MacArthur

Are You  A Confident Leader?


Many individuals may think that being able to control or manage others equates great leadership. Quite the contrary, as, leadership is leadership. When you seek to lead, you must first invest 50% of your time in leading yourself. You need to develop your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, and conduct. Then you can consider Investing at least 20%, leading those with authority over you and 15% into leading your peers. Remain cognizant of the fact that effective leadership isn’t about lengthy speeches or being popular. Your leadership is defined by the results you achieve, not by the attributes which you possess.


Are You A Confident Leader or A Boss

In the working environment, a boss usually creates fear; is known to assign blame; knows it all and usually ensures that work is seen as pure drudgery. Whether you are in an office, or a virtual leader – aim not to be the boss, aspire instead to be the leader. As the leader you’ll be expected:

  • to inspire others with your confidence;
  • ask the questions which provide the answers to move forward;
  • be progressive and keep the tasks at hand interesting.

The group effort is of great interest to a confident leader, because he or she knows the help of others can help achieve the greatest good for all.

Remain A Confident Leader 

In Challenging Situations

The fact remains that unsure, uncomfortable and defensive situations do not have to be difficult. Once you approach these situations with the correct attitude you will be sure to see the difference. To do so, you must be equipped with immense self-confidence. This would simply reflect how well you think of your own talents and abilities. Therefore the more you like yourself, the more confident you will feel. That confidence will, in turn, ensure that you work more efficiently. Thus you would see the value of your contribution to the development of the whole. Also, others will feel inspired to work with you as they will see – a confident leader at the helm.


Sync With Inner Values

Living your life in accordance with your innermost values will ensure that you attain the success which is associated with your high self-esteem. You need to be clear about what is important. That way you can be respected for the manner in which you honor your values. The law of reversibility says that there is a direct link between feelings and actions. Simply put, you will behave according to how you feel. Consequently, how you feel will cause you to behave in a manner of your choosing. For example, if you view your time as valuable, this will, in turn, allow you to feel like a more valuable person.


Lead Courageously

As a leader, you also maintain your confidence by practicing courageous leadership. Throughout life, there are risks we all take. Whenever you take a particular course of action, the outcomes may be uncertain. Every day, you take a small risk when you walk to work or go to make purchases at the supermarket. You take a larger risk when you start a business or invest a large sum of money. Any venture into the unknown is a risk. However, to lead, you must be confident about the risks which you choose to take in pursuit of the right goals


“Leadership is not magnetic personality, that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not ‘making friends and influencing people,’ that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” –Peter F. Drucker


Moving Forward With Confidence

Remember, leadership is not management nor is leadership, control. Leadership ensures that leaders are seen for their ability to lead others into action. They achieve this through their own displays of confidence while dealing with the duties they are responsible for.

Therefore, there is a need to cultivate good habits which will, in turn, demonstrate to others your exemplary leadership skills. Each step you take toward the accomplishment of your goals is a risk; its value determined by how much you stand to gain. Risk taking is a necessity, but weigh your options! Ensure that you take risks which will contribute positively to the achievement of your goals.

Furthermore, as a confident leader, you need to value the initiative of your group members. Their inefficiency may not necessarily be a reflection of their true potential. It may serve instead, as an indication that their talents are not properly utilized. Encourage their efforts in areas where their talents can thrive.  Their feelings of accomplishment will promote contentment and confidence, ensuring that work is no longer seen as drudgery. Want to know how to utilize the talents of your group efficiently?

This is why you need to be a part of the 90/10 Life! The 90/10 Life Programs will provide you with step by step instructions which will help you to lead with confidence. Learn how you can excel also as a virtual leader.

Account Based Marketing with a Virtual Sales Assistant

If you’re doing Account Based Marketing, then you know prospecting for clients is time consuming! That’s why you’ll notice that a lot of startups, coaches, and entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of a Virtual Sales Assistant.

The past 4 years I’ve been consulting businesses all over the world to build their virtual teams to use this exact same account based marketing method I’m about to show you.

And here’s why:

Because while an inside sales team is wasting time finding new prospects, a virtual assistant (or team of them) can literally do that for you. All you and/or sales team has to do is build relationships and close deals.

It’s pretty cool — see, Sunday nights are one my most productive times. Literally, my team is operating at full-speed which is Monday morning in the Philippines.

Heavy Lifting of Account Based Marketing Outsourced

The leg work of my Virtual Assistant business is done by my amazing virtual assistant team… all I have to do is build relationships with ALREADY qualified leads and close the deals. That’s it.

I’ve never had to sell this… it SELLS itself because there’s not a sales team in the world who thinks that their time is spent well finding contacts that is literally something a virtual sales assistant for 7-8 bucks an hour can do (oh yeah, and they hate doing it anyways).


Here’s one of my LinkedIn growth hack strategies that we’re currently implementing (which is getting me dozens of leads daily — while I’m in Mexico with my wife and kids):

Create an Irresistible LinkedIn Profile

— this is pretty standard marketing advice but this all boils down to understanding your target market. But it goes without saying that it’s 100% true. For example, we’re targeting startups, SaaS companies, and software companies that are looking to scale but don’t have the capacity to grow/train their team.

So, with that in mind, I’ll use what I know about my target market — their pain points, the problems that their businesses face — and create my profile in a way that let’s them know I have a solution (because I do). 😉

Account Based Marketing Lead Generation on Autopilot

— here’s where your virtual assistant team comes to play. Big time. See, I used to waste all my time messaging leads. And when it came down to building relationships with the interested leads, I’d be so spent mentally that I couldn’t be there mentally 100% (or just didn’t have enough time left in the day to actually follow up).

This is where having a virtual sales force has changed my life dramatically. They identify, qualify and send connection requests to over 50 leads a day. (My virtual assistant Layenne (pronounced Lay-“n”) calls this “prospect fishing” lol!) They simply send a copy and paste message that addresses my target markets major pain points – and modify it with their names and/or other data points.

Couple this step with step #1 and you’ve got yourself one dangerous combination for total lead generation overkill on LinkedIn.

Here’s some of the connections and leads my virtual assistant was able to generate on Friday using this strategy:

Virtual Assistant Account Based Marketing

I had a total of 21 new connection requests accepted on Friday, I had 7 responses, and 4 of them requested a spot on my calendar after I come back from vacation – that’s right – even sent one a picture of me and my family from the beach.

Linkedin Lead Generation

Pretty cool, right?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we go over in my live training seminars (you didn’t seriously think I’d just give it all away to you right here, did’ya?).

Want to use this account based marketing strategy for yourself and not ready for a VA for some crazy reason? Learn how to leverage a virtual assistant team so you can close deals without ever having to prospect again at
Virtual Assistant Marketing Linkedin

PS. This proven strategy and 5-Video Training Series that we’ve used for over 4 years to farm hundreds of thousands of contact details of decision makers is INCLUDED as a BONUS in the 9010LIFE.COM Program

Check out the 9010 Life Webinar where I show you three secrets I’ve learned to build your own virtual team (the right way).

Travel Guru Tips: Do You Feel Like You Need a Vacation, After Vacation?

Well, I’ve been called many things – from Travel Guru, to Travel Hacker Expert in the latest, but in all reality as a Travel Expert vacation can be well… TIRING… especially if you’re dealing with the craziness that families bring with then.

Have you ever felt like you needed to take a vacation FROM your vacation?

It’s true. Sometimes vacationing can be just as stressful as work (or even more).


I’ve been able to leverage the power of delegation for my business through the use of virtual assistants… because of that, I have much more time to do the things I love, like traveling the world with my family (I’m in Cancun, Mexico as we speak).


As your resident Travel Guru These are the Top 3 questions I get asked about traveling all the time:

Number 1: How do you stay sane when traveling? Simple. Make sure you have a plan. So many times, the natural urge to put things off till the last minute (or just to not do them at all) robs us and our families of an even better time.


The key here is, you don’t have to go crazy scheduling activities every 15 minutes. One thing that has helped my wife and I is that we agree on one thing we’ll do in the morning, and one thing for later in the evening — that way we’re not lost or wasting time.


Also, we ALWAYS know ahead of time where we’re going to be staying for the night.


Number 2: What do you get out of traveling? The #1 thing I would say I’ve learned while traveling is this: people are people. When you travel around the globe and experience different cultures, it does a really good job of allowing you to realize that we’re all not that different at all.


People are just people. We all have a desire to learn, grow, and get to know one another. Traveling will teach you this. And for that reason I believe traveling is super important, especially for young kids.


*As a side note, I’d like to add here: when traveling long-distance with kids, make it easy on yourself and make sure they don’t get much sleep before the flight so they can sleep on the way there. And if the flight is long (Phillipines with our 3 year old was 23 hours), make sure you bring a tablet or device they can entertain themselves with.

Number 3: Can you travel on a budget? YES. Absolutely. For cheap flights and breaking deals check out Kayak (I am not affiliated with them in any way). They gather all the cheapest and best deals available around the globe — which makes it easy for you to shop around for your next family vacation!


For easy traveling, check out places such as Puerto Princesa out in the Philippines, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, or even a good ol’ roadtrip through America will get the job done! Just pack your bags and go!

Puerto Princessa Philippines


Overall, when becoming a Travel Guru yourself, make sure to keep an open mind. And absorb the things around you so you don’t get stressed out.


Also, if you’re a business owner, make sure that nothing falls apart while you’re gone. There’s nothing more stressful than coming back home to a mess (trust me). Be proactive and hire a virtual assistant to help you — all while you enjoy mimosas on the glistening coast of Mexico.


[clickToTweet tweet=”Traveling can be easy. It doesn’t have to feel like hard work. And it shouldn’t be.” quote=”Traveling can be easy. It doesn’t have to feel like hard work. And it shouldn’t be.”]


If you want to learn more about how you can get a Virtual Assistant to manage things while you’re away, check out my awesome team:

Jeff J Hunter - Outsourcing Team


P.S. I finally convinced my wife to buy a trailer and go around the country (July 2018!!). 😉


P.S.S. Let’s be honest, the only reason you came here was to check out the DJI Osmo I was holding on TV – Check it out here:

Travel Guru Osmo Mobile Gadget


Oakland Zoo Gondola | First Look: New California Trail from Inside the Gondola!

The Oakland Zoo Gondola is bringing nature and people together in a way that’s never been done before! ??

Nature is supposed to be fun. ?

Join us 650 feet above Oakland’s iconic Bay Area in a state-of-the-art Gondola. ?

Air-conditioned and cozy enough for you and your entire family, be one of the first to bear witness to breaktaking views of Oakland, San Jose, and the Golden Gate Bridge. ?

?Experience the captivating beauty of California’s natural wildlife and forests…

?Create memories that matter alongside the endangered California Condor, Yellow-Legged Frog, our majestic Grizzlies…

?And connect with nature like nowhere else on the planet.

At the Oakland Zoo, they want you to know this truth: together — alongside our furry and winged friends, forests, and rivers — humans can coexist and participate in the natural experience of our beautiful planet.


Join me, my family and the team on adventures around the world! See you on the next adventure!



Chelsea Pearl Travel Hack Experts Discuss Top Travel Tips


Travel Experts Jeff J Hunter and Chelsea Pearl share a passion for traveling. Chelsea, Bay Area Native, is a travel vlogger who shows her viewers how to live large in accessible ways.

Use Technology to your advantage

2 Must Have APPS

YELP- Chelsea relies on the the local search feature combined with suggestions, ratings and customer reviews to find the best local restaurants and activities.

Instagram- Use IG searching by #, business and location to find #travelphotogoal locations and all the iconic spots you’ve been pinteresting for years.


What you need to take:

As a lot of us still are, Jeff and Chelsea often work while they are travelling.

Have a remote office Backup Plan– Jeff brings his laptop and a backup tablet so that he doesn’t lose touch while trying to work from the road.

The ABC Rule- Chelsea lives by this- Always Be Charging. Take advantage of compact portable batteries and charging stations in airports and train stations.


You don’t have to drain your cell phone data plan

Get a portable wifi device- research the best options for where you are headed, Chelsea prefers a MiFi Device while Jeff has been using Google Project F for 7 months.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to bring yours to the country you’re heading to but you can always buy them there. Places like the Philippines allow you to buy a week’s worth of data at a time. Doing your research on your internet options ahead of time is important when you plan to run your business from the road. .


Business Hack Bonus:

Using the power of social media opens up different experiences. Recently stayed at  Hotel Icon which is a luxury hotel with a green philosophy. The even host a fleet of Teslas used to transport their guests! Chelsea tagged the hotel in her posts and the hotel caught wind. They introduced her to some really great experiences. In return, she was able to help them get running on Yelp by sharing her experiences.


How did Chelsea become a travel influencer?

Chelsea prioritized her desire to travel and cut out frivolous spending to build a travel fund. She spent time researching experiences that gave her the most value for her money, and documented her research and trips on her existing lifestyle blog.

Travel Hack Discussion:

1) Have a Plan
2) We have Technology on our side, tons of apps, and ways to make traveling easy!
3) MUST HAVES when we travel – Laptop & More
4) ALWAYS BE CHARGING: External battery packs, digital redundancy, Extra SD Cards, Camera
5) MiFI
6) Travel Apps
7) Must-GO Places: Hotel ICON – Luxury hotel with Green Philosophy and TESLAS!!
8) How to experience other cultures and appreciation as Americans
9) I need to travel more, and stop spending money on fickle things
10) Inspire people that are going through life without actually LIVING life.
11) It’s ALL about the experience
12) Traveling and Working Remote
13) Set up the TOOLS
15) How to get UPGRADED for FREE
17) Making the JUMP or Having a 9-5
18) Side-Hustles
19) Everything happens for a reason
20) Be financially SMART
21) Don’t do anything IRREVERSIBLE?
22) Jump into the ball pin, not off a cliff
23) Don’t be afraid to push the envelop or be outside of the mold

Learn more about Chelsea Pearl

Learn How I Earned $5,288 a Week Last Year and Traveled the World:

9010 Life Webinar Workshop Registration

My Team Manager for 3+ Years Failed 2 Interviews Before I Hired Her

3 Years Today I hired my Team Manager. ✊ She was the worst (and still is) interview I ever had. Again, TODAY – she is my team manager.

If you know anything about building a team in-sourced or Outsourced… That’s a long time ?️… ESPECIALLY in the Virtual Assistant world.

Crazy to imagine the story behind Rhodora – but I want to paint this picture for you.

Over 3 years ago, I was starting to grow my “Virtual Team“, I put a few ads out (the wrong way by the way lol) and I got a TON of responses…. I mean I was FLOODED with people….?

I spent (and wasted) a lot of my time doing interviews ? – typically of the wrong people.

Very frustrated, I kept getting an email from this applicant. She told me that she really wanted “a job”. ??

To be honest, when someone says that to me, I already say no ?.

And I did.❌

She wasn’t happy about that, she persisted ?. Day after day, she asked for a shot.

I finally got tired of her emails and decided to finally read her resume or “CV” as they call it in the Philippines.

I was appalled by it, she had 2 years of education ? (unfinished) shooting for an Information Technology degree.

She had ZERO ? job experience.

She had a newborn baby, and recently married, and now dropped out of college to start her family.?‍?‍?

I told her she needed to get some experience and come back.

She wasn’t going to take that answer, she emailed me persistently asking for a chance.?

To be honest, I gave her an interview because I liked her determination, and I loathed her emails.

So on to the interview, to summarize it with a sentence was…

“The Worst Interview I’ve Ever Had” ?

It was awkward silence – I heard her mic crackle.?

I kindly told her that it wasn’t going to work.


She sends me an email ?, that she was nervous, that she will be better, to give her another chance.

I told her no, it’s not going to happen, she needs experience.?

She persisted her emails, and begged for just one last interview, and was confident she would do better.?

She did, but to summarize the interview….

“The Second Worst Interview I’ve Ever Had” ?

She was quiet, her English was broken, it was definitely strange, she did get a few words out like “Yes Sir” and “OK Sir”

Of course, I said, this isn’t going to work… You don’t have enough experience, and you need to practice your English.

1 Hour after the Skype call, she sends me guess what… Another email ?

She told me something that just blew me away, it’s a drive ?️ you don’t see anymore… Determination to the Nth degree…

She said “Sir, I need experience, and no one will give it to me, I will work for you FOR FREE ? as long as it takes to prove my value to you, and you will want to hire me”. ?

What do I say to that? I mean, I have a lot of things I’m wasting my time on, and I thought… I like this mentality, this never-give-up attitude – it can’t be taught. ?

Following the 90/10 Principle I knew I was wasting my time on 3 major things:

1) Data Entry ?

2) Data Mining ?️

3) Verifying Contact Information ?

I had a list of a couple hundred contacts that I needed help finding web addresses?️, emails?, and phone numbers? – I estimated it would take me at least a week to do here and there throughout the week.

I gave this to her, I asked her to find the information and send it back.?

With the same determination and persistence, less than 24 hours she send me an email with a completed worksheet. ?

I don’t even know if she slept, I think she worked on it the whole way through – it was a lot of work.

I hired her RIGHT there. She proved her value in less than 24 hours. ?

Team Manager Virtual Assistant

Fast forward 3 years later, 8 raises, and 4 positions – she’s now my team manager and oversees all operations for my 50+ person team that RUNS itself. ?️

Congratulations on us both putting up with each other for 3 years, and a lifetime of them to come.

She’s told me many times that she’s ready to power my operations for life… ☠️⚰️

She’s even asked me to be the Godfather for her children, (which is a responsibility I definitely don’t feel qualified to accept).?

This is the type of team you need to truly grow a successful virtual team.??

Thank you for allowing me to live the 90/10 Life, and get ready for an incredible journey,

✍️ Jeff J Hunter

Virtual Leadership – How to Be a GREAT Virtual Leader

Virtual Leadership Styles

“The best leaders don’t know just one style of leadership—they’re skilled at several, and have the flexibility to switch between styles as the circumstances dictate.” Daniel Goleman

There are leadership styles which work and those which don’t achieve the results desired. Then there are purposeful mixtures of styles which produce amazing results. However, to be a great virtual leader, you must carefully select the style which works best for you. If none of them work, take a risk, and create a combination of your own. Once you are able to see the results of that choice or combination of styles, you know you are on the right track.


Here is a short list of leadership styles and the response achieved for each style.

  • Directive
The directive leader is usually seen as the micromanager, who dominates and closely supervises everyone.
  • Authoritative
The authoritative leader is seen as the intuitive but firm manager who sets standards and provides clear directives.
  • Affiliative
The peacemaker, who is concerned with ensuring that harmony between staff and employees is ever present.
  • Participative
The politician who enforces that a democracy is always the deciding factor. Every vote counts.
  • Pacesetting
The overachiever who demands that all subscribe to a high standard of excellence. This leader has no tolerance for dead weight.
  • Coaching
The motivational and inspirational guru who encourages the development of the employees. The aim of such leaders, is to facilitate improvement in the performance of team members.




Your Style of Virtual Leadership

Perhaps you already utilize a micromanagement approach to your team members. If you are, this method will serve only to frustrate you and have you and your team appear as inefficient. How can you accomplish your own goals as the leader if you are micromanaging your entire team?

The style of leadership you select to practice is also dependent on the type of people who you manage. Their personality traits and their purpose on your team are important factors to consider as well. Therefore, you need to give sufficient time to allow your team members to focus on what they are doing. Also, invest time in the unique abilities of the members of your team. Surely, you would get the results you’re looking for.

Consequently, to exhibit great virtual leadership, you need to respect the value of the time of your team members. You need to give sufficient time to allow them to focus on what they are doing. They need that time to focus on utilizing their talents, skills, and abilities to achieve the amazing results which you long for.

Additionally, you must acknowledge that people work best when they are engaged in tasks which they love to do or are very good at. How efficient can someone who writes excellent blogs be at web design? That person may be able to generate the content needed for the web page. However, he or she may not be as effective for producing the eye-catching graphics which can pull potential clients to your site.

Virtual Leadership & Real Life

Let’s apply this to having a virtual assistant paired with a sales representative. If you are in sales, you know that you need to be going out there and building relationships with clients and prospective clients alike. However, if you must spend time searching for the potential clients, this would be counterproductive.

This is where your virtual sales assistant becomes an asset. Your virtual sales assistant could do your prospecting and prepare you lists of the prospects which you are interested in seeing, within a particular area. That way, you can focus on sustaining and improving your relationship with your clients. You’ll also get to focus on the activities which encourage such.

Perhaps using a 90/10 angle might help you put this into perspective. For argument sake, let’s say you have a sales representative grossing US$100000. If this person spends 4 hours every day seeking out prospects, then how much sales is he actually getting done daily? For an 8 hour day, this person is overpaid for doing work which is way below his or her pay grade.

You could have easily hired a virtual assistant to do the research and pay at an hourly rate of US$7 instead. The virtual assistant, whose skills are being properly utilized can gather the requested data. Meanwhile, your Sales Rep can go out there and confidently carry out his task, equipped with his assistant’s research.

4 Tips to Be A Great Virtual Leader

Invest in the Team

Great Virtual Leaders Invest in their team members talents and abilities. Your team members can sense if you value their output. Consequently, if you want them to produce the best output they can, you must listen to and address their needs. It is your job, to practice proper virtual leadership by empowering your team members to do their jobs.

Once they see that you are willing to address their concerns and provide them with access to the right tools, you will see results. You need to harness the best skills and talents of all the members of your team and bring it together to function as a single unit.

Give Thanks to the Team

Great virtual leadership is rewarded further when you express thanks for the efforts of your team.  Expressions of thanks allow your team members to feel appreciated and valued. Thus they are motivated to use their talents toward the enhancement of the product you offer.

Have Timely & Efficient Meetings

To be a great virtual leader it’s wise to have your meetings when you have as many of your members present as possible. Ensure that you have an agenda for your meeting and that it is structured. Have clearly identified goals.

Furthermore, be proactive and ask your team members what it is they need to boost their productivity. Most importantly provide them with the tools to do so. Remember your team needs to feel empowered.

Utilize Productivity Tools

For the effective management of virtual teams, it is advised that you use screenshot monitoring or movement monitoring. Such productivity tools will ensure that you can monitor progress without actually interrupting the creative process of your team members. Instead of having to call to find out what they are working on, you can simply log into your productivity tool and see what the progress is.


Provide Great Virtual Leadership To Your Team

Subscribe to a virtual leadership style which will give you the result you wish to achieve. Avoid being the type of leader who is always in the way of progress with all these questions and meetings and such. However you can’t be the type of leader who simply allows everyone to do as they please – you’ll be trampled. Create your combination and you will be sure to generate positive results from your virtual team.

The 90-10 Rule is not just about you! It’s about utilizing it to help those around you be a part of that movement. Harness these unique talents of your team members in the areas which they have the opportunity to produce stunning results. You don’t want your web designer to get caught up in the drudgery of data entry. He won’t be productive. Team members, who you lead need to feel passionate enough to wake up every morning. And that passion should be driven by a need to use their talents in areas where they can shine.