What Is The 90/10 Rule? 9010 LIFE Explained

The 90/10 Rule is one of the most helpful concepts for life and time management. According to this principle: 10 percent of your activities will account for 90 percent of your results. This can change the way you set goals forever! What Is The 90/10 Rule? You might have heard of the “80/20 Rule” AKA the “Pareto…

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9010 LIFE Webinar is LIVE!

It’s finally here. So excited to launch the 9010 Life Webinar this week. I have a lot of preparation to do, and it’s my first time ever launching a product… SOO many hours already put into course, by myself and the team. I want to do a special thanks to Tana Vassou and Liz Benny who…

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I Quit My Job, Took the Leap

I Quit My Job to Live the 9010 Life

I wanted to live the 9010 Life, but didn’t even know what it meant. It was February 29th, 2016, Leap Day, and little did I know that this day would be the day that I took a big leap of Faith. I was working as a project manager for one of the Forbes 77 most…

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2017 Predictions by Jeff J Hunter

2017 Predictions: Business Marketing by Jeff J Hunter

2017 Predictions to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Business Marketing My predictions focus on 5 main focus points: State of Live Video Social Media Usage by Companies Universities & Social Media Marketing Marketing at Live Event State of the Economy Alright here’s my top 5 predictions: 1) GROWTH OF LIVE PLATFORMS Starting out the…

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Jeff J Hunter Ultimate Stage Experience

Ultimate Stage Experience: A Reflection by Jeff J Hunter

A Reflection from the Ultimate Stage Experience: Recap Video   First off, let me start by saying a 3 letter word that sums up the Ultimate Stage Experience – “WOW“. The crew of Serious Take Productions are really a class act. I was honored to invited to speak as the sponsor of the VIP Luncheon with the “who’s…

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Passion Over Platform | Casual Business Episode 1

Passion Over Platform: Casual Business Episode 1

Our discussion is Social Media and how Passion Over Platform is truly the theme. Through evolution of social media PASSION prevails featuring Quynh Yamamoto

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