Clients Online Not Worth Losing 9010 Life

Losing Clients Online Because You Aren’t Organized?

Are you wasting valuable clients online? Have you ever lost a client because they slipped through the cracks?  We all know how important it is to be organized ? in our business. It’s hard to be on top of your game if you don’t have a streamlined process to streamline new sales while keeping your existing clients…

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Goal Setting Template | SECRET BENEFITS of MICRO GOALS

To achieve some focus and clarity when setting goals, our SMART Goal Setting Template is there to assist you. Goals are achieved, by first possessing an idea of what it is you want to attain success at. Also, you must deduce the tasks necessary to achieve those goals. Thankfully the 90/10 Life is here to teach…

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How to be a Confident Leader

How to Be a Confident Leader vs A Know-it-All Boss

Being a confident leader is perceived based on who you are and not necessarily by what you do. If it is your goal to become a confident leader, you must first recognize this call to action. Sadly, who you are is determined by the habits which you choose to cultivate. Therefore, if you practice habits…

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Account Based Marketing | Linkedin Lead Generation

Account Based Marketing with a Virtual Sales Assistant

If you’re doing Account Based Marketing, then you know prospecting for clients is time consuming! That’s why you’ll notice that a lot of startups, coaches, and entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of a Virtual Sales Assistant. The past 4 years I’ve been consulting businesses all over the world to build their virtual teams to use this…

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Travel Guru Jeff J Hunter

Travel Guru Tips: Do You Feel Like You Need a Vacation, After Vacation?

Well, I’ve been called many things – from Travel Guru, to Travel Hacker Expert in the latest, but in all reality as a Travel Expert vacation can be well… TIRING… especially if you’re dealing with the craziness that families bring with then. Have you ever felt like you needed to take a vacation FROM your…

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Oakland Zoo Gondola | California Trail First Look

Oakland Zoo Gondola | First Look: New California Trail from Inside the Gondola!

The Oakland Zoo Gondola is bringing nature and people together in a way that’s never been done before! ?? Nature is supposed to be fun. ? Join us 650 feet above Oakland’s iconic Bay Area in a state-of-the-art Gondola. ? Air-conditioned and cozy enough for you and your entire family, be one of the first to bear witness to…

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Chelsea Pearl Travel Hack Experts Discuss Top Travel Tips

  Travel Experts Jeff J Hunter and Chelsea Pearl share a passion for traveling. Chelsea, Bay Area Native, is a travel vlogger who shows her viewers how to live large in accessible ways. Use Technology to your advantage 2 Must Have APPS YELP- Chelsea relies on the the local search feature combined with suggestions, ratings…

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My Team Manager for 3+ Years Failed 2 Interviews Before I Hired Her

3 Years Today I hired my Team Manager. ✊ She was the worst (and still is) interview I ever had. Again, TODAY – she is my team manager. If you know anything about building a team in-sourced or Outsourced… That’s a long time ?️… ESPECIALLY in the Virtual Assistant world. Crazy to imagine the story behind Rhodora – but I…

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Virtual Leadership Styles

Virtual Leadership – How to Be a GREAT Virtual Leader

Virtual Leadership Styles “The best leaders don’t know just one style of leadership—they’re skilled at several, and have the flexibility to switch between styles as the circumstances dictate.” Daniel Goleman There are leadership styles which work and those which don’t achieve the results desired. Then there are purposeful mixtures of styles which produce amazing results.…

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3 Keys to Living Without Limits

The 3 Keys To Living Without Limits

The challenges we face do not define us – living without limits is withing reach. They don’t have such power because living without limits is a possibility. In order to successfully overcome our perceived challenges, we must adopt a positive winning attitude. Many times, the path to accomplishing the goals at hand are not clearly…

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