2017 Predictions: Business Marketing by Jeff J Hunter

2017 Predictions to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Business Marketing

My predictions focus on 5 main focus points:

  1. State of Live Video
  2. Social Media Usage by Companies
  3. Universities & Social Media Marketing
  4. Marketing at Live Event
  5. State of the Economy

Alright here’s my top 5 predictions:


Starting out the 2017 Predictions, I believe every platform is going to be live – live is going to be the new thing. Live video is going to be taking over, you’ve already seen Instagram Live – you see Twitter taken over with periscope and Instagram live and Facebook live – everything’s got a LIVE so you’re going to see lots more like you’re going to see a lot more pushed into live.

2) Social Media by COMPANIES

Number two you’re going to see a lot more social media engagement by companies in 2017. This is a great time for people that are in the social media marketing industry in general.

3) Universities Offering Social Media Marketing in Fall 2017

I predict in 2017 you’re going to see universities start teaching more marketing on social media.

4) Live Events with SnapChat and SMS Marketing

You’re going to see a lot more people going to events you’re going to see a lot more a SnapChat Marketing at these events you’re going to see more marketing base at these events using text message marketing at events.

5) Economy is Going to finally RECOVER in USA and ABROAD

The last one I believe that this is going to be a big turn for the economy in general in America I believe that using social media and marketing and whole is going to be going up I think that there’s going to be more reinvestment in America and I also believe that it’s going to be really great for everyone outside of America because as we grow and we strengthen its going to embolden our allies and strengthen the markets that we have.

So, 2017 predictions here by myself Jeff J Hunter see you in 2017!

God Bless and Let’s MAKE 2017 GREAT!

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