My Team Manager for 3+ Years Failed 2 Interviews Before I Hired Her

3 Years Today I hired my Team Manager. ✊ She was the worst (and still is) interview I ever had. Again, TODAY – she is my team manager.

If you know anything about building a team in-sourced or Outsourced… That’s a long time 🕰️… ESPECIALLY in the Virtual Assistant world.

Crazy to imagine the story behind Rhodora – but I want to paint this picture for you.

Over 3 years ago, I was starting to grow my “Virtual Team“, I put a few ads out (the wrong way by the way lol) and I got a TON of responses…. I mean I was FLOODED with people….😱

I spent (and wasted) a lot of my time doing interviews 😟 – typically of the wrong people.

Very frustrated, I kept getting an email from this applicant. She told me that she really wanted “a job”. 🤔🙄

To be honest, when someone says that to me, I already say no 🚫.

And I did.❌

She wasn’t happy about that, she persisted 😬. Day after day, she asked for a shot.

I finally got tired of her emails and decided to finally read her resume or “CV” as they call it in the Philippines.

I was appalled by it, she had 2 years of education 🎓 (unfinished) shooting for an Information Technology degree.

She had ZERO 🚫 job experience.

She had a newborn baby, and recently married, and now dropped out of college to start her family.👨‍👩‍👧

I told her she needed to get some experience and come back.

She wasn’t going to take that answer, she emailed me persistently asking for a chance.📧

To be honest, I gave her an interview because I liked her determination, and I loathed her emails.

So on to the interview, to summarize it with a sentence was…

“The Worst Interview I’ve Ever Had” 😂

It was awkward silence – I heard her mic crackle.🎤

I kindly told her that it wasn’t going to work.


She sends me an email 📩, that she was nervous, that she will be better, to give her another chance.

I told her no, it’s not going to happen, she needs experience.😅

She persisted her emails, and begged for just one last interview, and was confident she would do better.😳

She did, but to summarize the interview….

“The Second Worst Interview I’ve Ever Had” 🤣

She was quiet, her English was broken, it was definitely strange, she did get a few words out like “Yes Sir” and “OK Sir”

Of course, I said, this isn’t going to work… You don’t have enough experience, and you need to practice your English.

1 Hour after the Skype call, she sends me guess what… Another email 📨

She told me something that just blew me away, it’s a drive 🏎️ you don’t see anymore… Determination to the Nth degree…

She said “Sir, I need experience, and no one will give it to me, I will work for you FOR FREE 🆓 as long as it takes to prove my value to you, and you will want to hire me”. 🤔

What do I say to that? I mean, I have a lot of things I’m wasting my time on, and I thought… I like this mentality, this never-give-up attitude – it can’t be taught. 😏

Following the 90/10 Principle I knew I was wasting my time on 3 major things:

1) Data Entry 📝

2) Data Mining 🗄️

3) Verifying Contact Information 👥

I had a list of a couple hundred contacts that I needed help finding web addresses🖥️, emails💌, and phone numbers📲 – I estimated it would take me at least a week to do here and there throughout the week.

I gave this to her, I asked her to find the information and send it back.💻

With the same determination and persistence, less than 24 hours she send me an email with a completed worksheet. 📑

I don’t even know if she slept, I think she worked on it the whole way through – it was a lot of work.

I hired her RIGHT there. She proved her value in less than 24 hours. 🤑

Team Manager Virtual Assistant

Fast forward 3 years later, 8 raises, and 4 positions – she’s now my team manager and oversees all operations for my 50+ person team that RUNS itself. 🛠️

Congratulations on us both putting up with each other for 3 years, and a lifetime of them to come.

She’s told me many times that she’s ready to power my operations for life… ☠️⚰️

She’s even asked me to be the Godfather for her children, (which is a responsibility I definitely don’t feel qualified to accept).😵

This is the type of team you need to truly grow a successful virtual team.🙌🙏

Thank you for allowing me to live the 90/10 Life, and get ready for an incredible journey,

✍️ Jeff J Hunter

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Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter is a veteran IT Project Manager and Outsourcing Tycoon specializing in getting things done. He has a lovely family, an amazing team, and LOVES to share his passion of living the #9010Life

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