How To Use a Virtual Team to Build Your Business, Without all the Overhead

My PROVEN strategies show you how to leverage a virtual team to effectively do that 90% which is not letting you focus on the most VALUABLE 10% of your life.

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Since I've worked with Jeff J Hunter and his team my business has grown over double the business I did in 2014. I had to hire a lot more people, because the business never stops.

Nick May
Nick May The Chaise Lounge Podcast & Walls By Design

The best that I've experienced in the outsourcing space, yet. Thanks to Jeff and his staff, I'm getting more done in my business with less communication and management than ever before.

Patty Rose
Patty Rose Inspirational Business Coach

My Secrets You'll Learn in the Webinar

Your goals are to grow your business by making it scale-able and sustainable. My goal is to show you how to ACTUALLY make it happen by modeling my own proven success building my own team over the years to successfully run my business.

Jeff J Hunter | Virtual Team Building

9010 Life Webinar

SECRET 1: How to SUCCESSFULLY Manage a Virtual Team to MAKE you MONEY.
SECRET 2: How to Replace Yourself So You can Work ON Your Business and Stop Working IN Your Business.
SECRET 3: How to Make MORE SALES by Doing LESS Yourself. You don’t need ANY Experience in Outsourcing to do this!
BONUSHow to Maintain COMPLETE Control Over your Projects, WITHOUT Sacrificing the Quality of Your Results

What You Will Learn From the Webinar

Over the past 10 years I have built dozens of teams to achieve success for the smallest to the most complex projects. You see, as Jack Welch said "The team with the best players wins."

Over this FREE Four Part Video Training Series I am going to show you EXACTLY how to replace the 90% of your business processes that are taking away from the 10% that you ACTUALLY love to do (and bring you the most VALUE).

Developing the 9010 Mindset

Training Yourself to Succeed 

Getting your mind straight on what really matters requires focus and honesty with yourself. There are many difficulties entrepreneurs and successful people face when understanding where to start - we start with the MINDSET.

How to Build Your Team to Make You Money

ONLY Hire to MAKE Money

Learn how to eliminate operating costs and staff overhead by building your team to make you money from DAY 1. Don't WASTE your time hiring people who won't make you money.

9010 Delegation Principle

Outsourcing SUCKS. 

Learning WHAT and HOW to delegate is the most gruesome thing to experience without a game-plan. For YEARS I had to try many different tactics to understand the science of delegation to a virtual team. You'll learn my PROVEN strategies for delegation.

Automate & Delegate

Automate THEN Delegate

Years of technological advances have provided the best ways to scale a business - automation. You would be truly surprised what you can automate these days, from social media, sales, marketing, and the most common - email. The rest - you can delegate, better yet is the combination of delegating WITH automation.

Why Live the #9010LIFE?

Start Working WHEN and WHERE You Want


Freedom is illusive to successful people - why? Many times Entrepreneurs and Business owners have created a J.O.B. for themselves instead of creating a vehicle to power their success.

Imagine a life where your business runs WITHOUT you. Think of all the missed opportunities that the "HUSTLE" creates - like a day off, a weekend, or a less than 40 hour work week.

Like you, I love to work - I used to work 10-12 hours a day - Made the Top 5 Project Managers for Philips.... The Forbes #77 Most Valuable Brands, #32 MIT's 50 Smartest Companies, & #34 on Fortune's Change the World List. Managed $1-3 Million /mo in Projects for both Public and Private sector.

Now, I am a 3-Day Weekend Enthusiast, I don't work Fridays unless I want to. I make my own schedule, and I focus 100% of my time on the 10% that is the most VALUABLE to me.

Start Living The #9010 LIFE

Jeff J Hunter | Virtual Team Builder & Outsourcing Expert

Jeff J Hunter

Learn The Secrets to Start GROWING and Stop RUNNING Your Business

My Webinar that Shows You how to INSTANTLY Build Your Virtual Team


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